‘Highs and Lows’ to end soon, and next, I’m looking forward to ‘The Confidant’

Now in almost every nights, I would stay on track to latest episodes from two airing TVB dramas currently. The 30-episodes long ‘Highs and Lows’ would ends this weekend and as usual, I would write my review over this series centred between narcotics bureau police officers with drug dealers. The ending part of the series looks very satisfying at the moment. Another series that I have been recently starting to watch is a grand production entitled ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’. That’s quite a complicated English title to a TVB series. It’s also one of the two anniversary dramas of the year. It looks quite fine and interesting from its first few episodes. Things get a bit too extreme from this drama too. You will know what I mean once you watched it. The drama is focusing on a prominent family led by a barrister with several wives living in Hong Kong at 1920s and 1930s.


(Image above shows the poster for ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’. Image source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/jj-jia?before=1350756784)

But what’s captured most of my attention would be the coming up release of the final anniversary drama of the year before the annual prestigious TVB Anniversary Awards. It’s entitled ‘The Confidant’, revolving on the famous imperial eunuch, Li Lian Ying (portrayed by Wayne Lai, previous two-time TV King in 2009 and 2010) and how he rises to power and is in favour by Empress Dowager Cixi (portrayed by Michelle Yim, 2008’s TV Queen). The 33-episodes long drama involves a group of huge popular casts including Maggie Shiu, Raymond Wong, Oscar Leung, Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu, Aimee Chan, Elliot Ngok, Selena Li, Raymond Cho, and many others. It’s definitely another high-budget production with beautiful costumes and part of filming sets at the world’s largest filming studio, Hengdian World Studios.


(Image above shows the official poster for the new drama ‘The Confidant’. Wow…Michelle Yim looks so good from this drama and I couldn’t believe she is almost 60 years old looking from her appearance here. Image source: http://img.tvb.com/ii/15/23045/000002304461_1351234509.jpg)

There were several promotional trailers released earlier and I certainly look forward to this not-to-be-missed drama. I usually like those dramas set on palace background as it would involves a lot of scheming and tactic-full plots. Besides that, ‘The Confidant’ tries to explore the life of not only Li Lian Ying, the famous imperial eunuch but also portraying another side of Empress Dowager Cixi which is usually seen as a villain in history of China. This could be the drama of the year and it is already receiving a lot of hypes even before its release this coming Monday. The drama had its grand premiere two  days earlier in a theater, which is the first time a TVB drama did so. It gave a whole new experience to the casts and the privileged fans to be the first to watch the first two episodes of the drama in cinema.

I hope that this drama would have a lot of intense scenes and climax, great and memorable acting, and solid script and plot which would pave its way to making a big sweep at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards if possible. The awards presentation is also postponed to the middle of December (usually held in early December) to give way for this drama to end before final decision is made to the awards. However, TVB announced that this year’s awards would be determined by one-vote system by audiences. I think this is only suitable for most favourite categories and not for deciding the best actor and actress awards. Perhaps, this drama could win the Best Series, while Wayne Lai for Best Actor and Michelle Yim for Best Actress? Will be judged after the series ends. For now, it hasn’t even started airing yet. Looking forward to this drama with high expectation.


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