Hi, November 2012!

Ahhaaa….October is gone? Yup….it’s gone! Another month ended, and another month begins. Like I always said, time flies, until sometime we don’t even realize it and it just went so fast. We are now welcoming the second last month of the year already. 2012 is going to end soon, and we can already start planning for things to do next year from now on, and it’s not counted as early already.

November is the month when students would be very excited as they are going to enjoy their end year break which is taking a month and a half every year. How nice is to be a student when you can have such a long break, getting away from teachers, classes and homeworks for that long. But for Form 5 and Upper 6, this indeed would be a stressful month for them up until December, when they would be sitting for major examinations; SPM and STPM respectively. Here I would like to wish early good luck and all the best to them! Just remember to handle the pressure well. After that, you can enjoy to the max!

For me, November is going to be a month for me as usual, to work, to work and to work! There is a submission planned by end of this month and there is so much things left to do. And it’s my first ever project handled by me, and it’s a big one. The deadline is killing me, but I’m trying my best to be free-and-easy early this month before all the stress comes beginning middle of the month as expected. Luckily, there is some holidays that fall on this month in the same week (Deepavali and Awal Muharam) that could give me some break. Let’s hope everything goes well, smooth and completed before the deadline.

Ahh…nowadays I always see rain. Bad weather is not only observed in Western countries (Hurricane Sandy) but also in Malaysia, my country. Heavy downpour is usual here in country with tropical (hot and humid) climate. However, heavy downpours have been a very frequent thing in recent weeks and it’s really affecting our daily activities, impacting most on our time to and back from work on roads where heavy traffic is inevitable.

For that, I decided to use ‘the beauty of rain’ as the theme for this month’s blog header. Rain is bad, but it can be beautiful depending on how you want to see it. I’m trying to turn ‘rain’ into something eye-pleasing and comforting (only black and white in colour except the highlighted wording which is still not very visible and appears like it’s behind the falling rain) and put it on top of my blog for this whole month. You can view another copy of the header below. (Click on it for larger version)

Rain…rain…rain…the local weather forecast had predicted that this bad weather would continues till mid of November most probably, but my blog’s header would stay a bit longer, till the end of the month. Haha…giving longer time for the beauty of rain to be appreciated by my blog readers. Anyway, let us all have a happy and nice month! Bye…


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