Why I always couldn’t sleep on Sunday’s night?

That’s a question I’m trying to answer today, now! I had enough already. I realized that I always had insomnia every Sunday’s night and for that reason, I couldn’t concentrate on my work on every Monday. I had the same problem for the past weekend. I went to bed around 11.30pm. I closed my eyes. But then, I just couldn’t fall asleep eventhough I’m trying very hard for it. I need to sleep, man! If not, I’m going to be very tiring the next day.

Ahh…that’s it! I kept changing my position on the bed and looking at the clock from my phone several times. And I just got much frustrated when it’s already midnight and I’m still awake. My eyes are closed most of the time, but how come I’m not sleeping yet!. Time flies, and then what the heck!, it’s morning already. Oh..no! I need to get to work and it’s Monday morning! So, I get to work in a very moody and tiring situation. I’m going to have a nice sleep tonight to cover what I have been suffering yesterday’s night. This is annoying. So, I came to the point that I have to figure out what causes the insomnia I had particularly on every Sunday’s night.

I think there are several causes for that. First of all, in my usual weekend, I would sleep very late (usually after 1 or 2am midnight). Hence, I think my brain couldn’t adjust to the much earlier time for sleeping on Sunday’s night after the weekend on which I would usually get to my bed from 11pm or the latest 12am. Well, that’s few hours of difference and there is no doubt my brain still running active on that point of time. But the sad thing is that I have to sleep early as I have to get to work early in the morning the next day onwards before the next weekend arrives. So, there is no solution to this cause.

Next cause; in usual Sunday’s dinner, I would have drank a lot of Chinese tea. And drinking tea is good for keeping you awake to continue on unfinished works. But then, it is bad for me who have to get to rest early to get myself energized for work the next day. Tea is something like coffee, which is capable of keeping you awake and it is scientifically proven. Hence, if you don’t have coffee, you can try tea if you don’t want to sleep. Solution; I still would drink tea, but in much lesser quantity next time in my Sunday’s dinner. But I love Chinese tea. So, in the end, there is still no perfect solution to my problem, and I still had to deal with this insomnia problem particularly on my rest at Sunday’s night. Just now, I find it so hard to keep my eyes open in front of the desktop I’m working on and I almost fall asleep several times just now. Luckily, no one saw. I’m saying no..no..no.. to this!


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