Liew Daren won his first ever international title, at French Open 2012

It is a great news and it is an indication that there would be a young badminton player following the footstep of Lee Chong Wei in the sport. Liew Daren who is now 25 years old is the second best men single shuttler of the country and he is currently ranked over 20th placing, still very far from the success Lee Chong Wei enjoyed for so many years.

Lee Chong Wei is going to retire soon (he is 30 years old now) and his very last possible outing would be Rio 2016 Olympic Games only if his physical condition is good. There is a huge demand for a new younger player to continue the nation’s hope in international competitions on this particular sport. Hence, Liew Daren’s name comes to the place. Among all the junior players, he is seen as the most talented one. Despite still performing in quality far from what we see from Chong Wei, Liew Daren still had time (but actually not much time left for him to learn) to improve and he needs to get involve into more tournaments to give him experience over the sport so that he can gain advantage on skills and tactics.

I am quite surprised that he got into the final of the French Open 2012 Super Series last weekend. And what’s more important to that is him winning the tournament in men single category, defeating Viktor Axelsen from Denmark. Well…that’s his first ever international title and he must be very happy over that achievement. A big congratulation to him! Well, that should be only the beginning, for him to get more exposure on international tournaments, in hope of winning more titles and succeed Chong Wei to becomes Malaysia’s next badminton star and a big threat to China’s rule in the sport soon.


(Image above is from

Those elite men single players from China are absent, thus giving much easier way for many young players in the tournament including Liew Daren. Of course, I would see almost no possibility of Daren winning if China sent Lin Dan, Chen Long or Chen Jin over to compete in this tournament. Let’s be honest. Even Chong Wei would find it hard to defeat them especially the mighty Lin Dan. But then, it is still a great achievement for Daren since he fought all his way to the final defeating other potential players (including the much experienced Jan O Jorgensen), and in the end, to the championship as well. Well done, Liew Daren! Even if it’s only a small title, but you still made the country proud! All the best to you in the future!


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