TVB to commence 45th anniversary celebration beginning this month with the recently concluded lighting ceremony

The lighting ceremony is a usual tradition by TVB to kick start their anniversary celebration beginning in last quarter of each year. This year is not an exception, and TVB would be celebrating its 45th anniversary this time around. Despite having major setback recently due to withdrawal of several major artists, producers and scriptwriters, the main media broadcasting company of Hong Kong still made the year entertaining for us with some very notable dramas and a vast remaining of skilful artists. Image below showing the gathering of TVB artists for the lighting ceremony to mark the start of TVB 45th anniversary celebration. (Image below is from

The major highlight of the lighting ceremony would be the promotion of two anniversary series which would be aired right before the much anticipated Anniversary Awards to be held in December. This year, the two dramas are Sterling Spoons, Silver Shackles and The Confidant. I’m looking forward to both, and the former one is currently airing already and it looks quite good to me from its first few episodes. This series appears to turn out as an opportunity for breakthrough from certain artists involved, like Damian Lau, Kenneth Ma, and Tavia Yeung and I do like the characters in the drama centered on a high-class family living in Hong Kong in 1920s and 1930s.

The other one; The Confidant already had my attention much earlier when I first see its presentation trailer quite a long time ago. It’s nice to see TV King, Wayne Lai to portray as Li Lian-ying, a very influential imperial eunuch and TV Queen, Michelle Yim as Empress Dowager Chi Hei in the palace-based drama. As usual, I like series with setting in palace which would involves a lot of scheming, tactics, revenge, romance, etc. This drama will also sees an unusual insight into the character of Empress Dowager Chi Hei and I’m sure Michelle would do it great. It’s going to air soon and I couldn’t wait any longer for it already.

As the anniversary celebration started, there goes the beginning of predicting who would be winning this year’s coveted TVB awards? The nomination list isn’t out yet (will be released early next month), but many have had their own pick already over their favourites. Ahh…I’m going to put down my early prediction on top 5 for best series, best actor and best actress. My top 5 for best series would be The Hippocratic Crush, Highs and Lows, Bottled Passion, Silver Spoons Sterling Shackles and The Confidant (the two anniversary series would not be left out based on TVB’s pattern). My top 5 for best actor would be Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai and Moses Chan. My top 5 for best actress would be Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Michelle Yim and Myolie Wu.

For best series, for first half of the year, it must be The Hippocratic Crush. But for overall, I don’t think it will win because TVB will usually select series released in last half of the year as series in first half would be easily forgotten. So I think it would be fight between the two heavyweight anniversary series. For best actor, I think Raymond will win while Kenneth will take the Most Favourite TV Male Character. For best actress, I think Tavia will win while Kate will take Most Favourite TV Female Character. But wait, all of us haven’t seen Michelle’s performance in The Confidant yet. So, she is a strong contender too, looking that she is a very experienced veteran and had past winning of the best actress award before. Just my early prediction…


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