A quick visit to a famous temple in Ampang for Ninth Emperor God Festival

In my previous post, I had mentioned that the past Monday is the only day with no rain in the period when we would observe bad weather. Then, I did mentioned on the Ninth Emperor God Festival which is a Chinese festival and I would probably not able to visit the temple at Ampang for this festival this year which would ends by Tuesday.

But then, just after I finished writing the previous post, my sister suggested that we go to the temple for a quick visit yesterday. And so, I followed. Hence, this year is not an exception anymore that I didn’t involve myself into the festival. As usual, it is very congested on the roads leading to the temple located in Ampang New Village. Even if you do not know how to go to that place, just follow where the cars are going in the new village and then you would spot the temple by its two beautifully-lit towering pagodas.

It’s Monday’s night but still the temple is full of huge crowd, some wondering around the night market or bazaar in front of the temple, some having their meals or break in food courts nearby while many get themselves stuck inside the temple worshipping. We didn’t do any formal worshipping, but just a little pray outside facing the grand temple. It would be challenging to enter into the temple full of people, smoke and dropping of ashes from burning incense joss sticks which is quite painful when it gets into your hand.

I find that in recent years, this festival attracted more and more visitors, mostly youngsters. I believe their main purpose there is not to do the praying thing, but is to join the crowd, taking pictures and visiting the night market there since it’s so happening there. For us, we just spent a short while over there at night as we were already tired and feeling sleepy after a day of work.

It’s always a nice visit to this beautifully-looking temple once every year. It’s also good to see that this festival captured interest of the youngsters too and the festival not left behind in this modern generation. Good…good…But then, for several years, I had not been able to watch the festival’s procession on the start as well as on the end of the festival. I remembered the procession is fun and interesting to watch with everybody lining up side of the road where the procession would take place.


One Response to “A quick visit to a famous temple in Ampang for Ninth Emperor God Festival”

  1. The procession is indeed fun to watch. If you intend to go next year, there are less people during daytime, except on feeding of heavenly soldiers day and time, and around 2am – 4am in the morning. Avoid the 11pm time as the urn master goes around the temple praying, and a lot of devotees seem to ‘appear’ at that time too.

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