Eehh? There is no rain today…

Wet again…that’s happening to me almost every day last week before or after work. The weather is so bad last week as it rains every single day, and the worst thing is the downpour occurs mostly on peak hours when people are going to or leaving work. Not only it  creates havoc on road traffic, it just made the day very moody. And this kind of weather is expected to continue on this week too. But wait, I didn’t see any rain today yet and this is quite unbelievable. Well, maybe today there is rain also at somewhere else, but not in my areas perhaps.

There is a bit of drizzle this afternoon but that was very little as compared to frequent heavy downpour observed lately. Well, it’s that time of the year again when the country would receives high volume of rain which coincides also with an ongoing Chinese festival known as Ninth Emperor God Festival which is believed to bring more rain on the duration of the festival. This is actually a very wonderful festival when you can get over to a very spectacular Chinese temple in Ampang New Village not only to do some traditional worshipping but also going for its happening night market. The festival attracted huge crowd every year and it lasts in nine days (going to end soon). So if you don’t want to miss it, go before the festival ends which is very soon.

I didn’t had the opportunity to go since I was very busy with my work particularly on last week when I also had to go to office on Saturday (the first time) rushing for completion of task. But we (my family) didn’t go for this festival few years ago onwards. And somemore, the frequent rain nowadays make us much harder to make it. If you haven’t been to that temple before ( a very famous one in Ampang with two towering pagodas), you should at least check it out once. I have seen quite a number of people going there taking photographs of the intricate and beautiful architecture of the temple.

So, it’s good…there is no rain today. I don’t need to get myself wet which is quite uncomfortable. The frequent rain nowadays also turned out to be the time for me to change my car’s front tyres as my car skid easily on slippery roads. That is quite dangerous and I always had a shock when that happens. And so I changed the two front tyres and that costs me over RM400. My god…a pain to my wallet! Then, my dad informed me that soon my car’s two rear tyres should be changed soon too. Ahh…Who can sponsor me? Haha…I’m getting poor because of it…hmm, anyway, it’s for my safety and so it’s quite essential. Weather…be nice to me…you can rain, but not too much, and please don’t rain in early morning or late afternoon. That’s a bad timing. Well, you can rain at night which would be good for me to sleep…haha…


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