A tough and challenging win at Denmark Open 2012 turned out to be a great birthday gift for Chong Wei

What? The national TV station is not airing the final matches of Denmark Open 2012 that features Lee Chong Wei in men single and Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong in men doubles? This is quite unbelievable. Usually, whenever there is Malaysian(s) involved in the final of a badminton tournament, it would be broadcast out free to all and not only from Astro. This is quite frustrating as I would not have the opportunity to watch it then. Only those paid for Astro get to watch it…my father previously did subscribe to Sports package of Astro but then drop it off due to the unreasonable cost. Well, I have to agree to that point of escalating cost imposed to Astro subscribers nowadays.


(Image above is fromhttp://www.badmintonmalta.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2012-Yonex-Denmark-Open-620×397.jpg)

I was ready on my seat in front of TV but it is not airing the matches out. What the…So, I just went back to my room, turned on the visual live score of the tournament and check out instant result from the on-going matches. First of all, it is quite unbelievable that Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong could make it to the final this time after showing very poor performance in recent years. They had not win any tournaments at all lately and this marks their downfall. They appears to have much lower or slighter chance of winning any more future tournaments looking from their form now. So, it’s already considered very lucky for them to have successfully entered into the final. I forgot who they deal with, but in the end, they lost. Hmm..I don’t have much high expectation from them already, so their defeat is nothing much of a surprise for me.

Then, came Malaysia’s biggest hope, from Lee Chong Wei in men single up against China’s rising new star in badminton, Du Pengyu. I was quite nervous over the result of their games as both of them came very close together in getting points. Wow…it seems that Chong Wei isn’t on his very top form from that final as it appears very hard and challenging for him to only defeat a considered junior player from China. In the end, Chong Wei still won the championship but this one isn’t easy for him apparently. Du Pengyu gave him a very serious competition but luckily, it’s still Chong Wei that prevails in the court.

It’s a close and tight game. The three games must be very exciting and intense one as both players gave good fight with Du Pengyu giving much improved performance while Chong Wei in not so steady form but still performed professionally. Too bad, I didn’t get to watch it. How come it’s not shown in TV?! So sad…anyway, a big congratulation to Chong Wei for winning the championship, adding another title for him which turned out to be a great birthday present for him as his 30th birthday falls on that day exactly. And one more happy thing for him would be his upcoming marriage with Wong Mew Choo next month. He must have been busy preparing for his marriage and tiring after frequent appearances in several tournaments right after the London 2012 Olympics. It’s time for him to get a rest, start his own family, before going all out again on his mission in badminton!


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