3 days 2 nights working holiday to Kuantan

Where is my weekend break? Gone. And that’s for work commitment. On typical Friday’s afternoon, it would be the most enjoyable time as the weekend break is about to begin. But that’s not the case for last Friday as I began my working trip to Kuantan with my employer and one of my colleagues with their family. So, I was somehow alone on this trip, but there is one thing good about it, as I was to have a whole room for myself during the trip. We departed on Friday’s evening after a serious traffic congestion going to my employer’s home to start the journey from there. We reached Kuantan, and arrived at Tembeling Resort after 12am in the midnight (and so it’s already Saturday).

The reason this working trip is organized is to visit the present Swiss Garden Hotel at Kuantan to get clearer picture and understanding on how the staffs’ operation in hotel works so that we can learn something from it and apply our knowledge to the design of another new hotel right besides the present hotel building. So, at the same time, we can also see the site for our design proposal the first time. The staffs from the present hotel are so generous to us, by offering few hours to us; giving us a tour all around staff’s office, kitchen, laundry, store, and recreational spaces available in the present hotel and also invited all the relevant staffs to advise on our design for a new hotel besides. Ahh, and the session took us more than five hours. (Some images of present Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuantan below).


I have to say I really learnt a lot and we had a great session on that Saturday’s afternoon. They even provided us free lunch at their fine dining Chinese dim sum restaurant, and the food offered are delicious. After that, we felt a bit tired and returned to the resort for a short rest before going out for dinner. Ahha…we were having seafood for our dinner in a restaurant by the seaside (but we couldn’t see or feel the sea either since it’s dark at night and it’s very noisy there with so many customers). We were so full after a very heavy meal and I spent quite a long time over there listening to chit-chats.

Then, we spent the night in quite a relaxing way by having a boardwalk at Teluk Chempedak beach. There was also a night bazaar over there and it’s a lot of people wondering around in that huge area surrounded also by a waterfront-like area, restaurants, and playground. I believe most of the people in Kuantan spent their weekend like that (it’s quite a nice feeling indeed); it’s their form of entertainment unlike KL people that would get to Bukit Bintang for large and luxurious malls and cafes. And a lovely thing is that I had a Trutti Frutti ice cream there (aah, costs me over RM15 for one medium cup). Before we returned to our resort, we had a short visit to the nearby Hyatt hotel to explore a bit on the architecture of the hotel building and also enjoying the night breeze at the same time. Then, that’s the end of the working trip as we returned back to KL on Sunday’s afternoon. And the bad thing is, my weekend is gone too.


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