A rainy Wednesday’s night…comfort and cozy in my room and it’s perfect time to sleep

Yesterday it took me exactly an hour to return home from work, thanks to the slow-driving cars which eventually gets accumulated, thus congesting roads due to a downpour right at the peak hours when people started leaving from work. And that gave me a lot of chances to scold over some dumb drivers slowing down all the others on roads. Yes, safety first, but then some drivers are just way too much horrible on roads! Forget about it…Today I fear the same thing (rain on peak hours) would happen, as I already saw darkened sky in early afternoon. But there’s a bit of joy today as it only rains right after I reached home after a smooth 30-minutes of driving. The weather today is being nice.

It’s only Wednesday and there is not much time at night for me to enjoy browsing webs or watching movies as I have to wake up early tomorrow for work. And, I usually started to go to bed right when it’s 11pm. That’s what similarly happening to me on every weekday’s night except Friday (since Saturday is already a break). It’s only the middle of the week now, and the worst thing is that I would not be able to enjoy this coming weekend too because I have to go on a company’s working holiday to Kuantan as there is one design project I’m handling now which is located over there. So, this week is going to be long for me. Staying there for a long 3 days and 2 nights at Kuantan, Pahang is going to be boring. This weekend is considered gone for me.

One day comprises of 24 hours. 9 hours spent on working, and two hours for the time between the working hours (on roads and the time to prepare for work). So 13 hours left. 1 hour on doing own stuff (taking bath, dinner, etc) and another 8 hours are spent on sleeping of course (on which I’m hoping for more hours on it). Ahh, so at night, there are approximately four hours of little entertainment (own leisure time) for me (a single guy), and as usual, I’m spending most of it in front of my laptop (after a whole day in front of computer too for working). Life is quite boring, right? It should be similar to most adults also. But then, there is one more thing for me to deal with; my blog here. And today, I find it is a good time for me to write this post over my blog here since I had a sudden desire to just express out things currently in my mind through words. And I just wish to type it all out at once quick.

The atmosphere is just right and there is still an hour left before I go to bed. Ahh…it’s still raining outside and I hope the rain continues till midnight which would be much more pleasant and comfortable to my sleep later. Sometimes, I had insomnia (hard to sleep at night) which is a bad thing especially when I have to get to work the next day. I don’t know the cause and I just simply hate it. Sufficient rest is very important to me now. Then, yesterday’s night, I can sleep well (that’s good), but then I had a weird dream; I got robbed and stabbed by a knife at my back in the dream. That’s freaked me out, eventually waking me up in the middle of the night. Huh…I can’t remember much detail from the dream and I’m wondering how dream is created actually. There isn’t any scientific explanation to that even until now, right? Anyway, I had very little dreams in my life, and so there isn’t any issue on that, just hoping what’s from the dream won’t be going to happen in real life.

Ahh…I’m starting to feel sleepy now. Time to go to bed hoping for a nice and comfortable sleep (no dream, no insomnia, and no noise particularly from my crying nephews sometimes). Once  I open my eyes in the early morning tomorrow, the first thing on my mind would be as usual; ‘lazy to go to work’ and ‘I don’t want to leave you, my bed!’.  Haha… Still have to wake up early and get ready for a whole new Thursday. Bye…Zzzzz


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