This is insane; Dubai is going to build a replica of Taj Mahal, but with four times bigger!

Is this true? Well, it is. The master developer of Falcon City of Wonders, a huge development planned in Dubai several years ago which involves proposal of several replicas of world famous landmarks unveiled a project unlike any other recently. They planned to build Taj Arabia, a replica of the iconic Taj Mahal in India, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. But that is not enough for Dubai, known as the most ambitious city on Earth. Taj Arabia is going to be four times the size of the original monument. So you think Taj Mahal is grand? Wait till you see Taj Arabia!


(A rendering of proposed Taj Arabia. Image source:


I have visited Taj Mahal before, and it’s such an impressive building. Taj Mahal itself is already a giant building of mausoleum surrounded by plazas and other smaller buildings in a huge complex, and I can’t imagine how big Taj Arabia would be when built. Well, I didn’t read in details regarding the proposal highlighted through worldwide media but I believe Taj Arabia would some sort comprises of luxurious resorts. Taj Mahal is built as a symbol of love and romance of former Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to his deceased wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Taj Arabia would be built with similar objective but in different purpose (not to be a mausoleum but a resort as mentioned earlier).


(The proposed Falcon City of Wonders. Image source:

Honestly, I like the idea of the whole city planned to be comprises of replicas of famous landmarks around the world. It is something like Las Vegas but in much bigger scale and proportion. However, from my perspective, I find it would be better if Dubai planned to build its own wonders (not copying the existing ones) all in the vicinity of the proposed Falcon City, which then would be greater and contributes own identity to Dubai. Anyway, if these kind of proposals are going under construction, then it’s a sign of Dubai getting better on recovery from high financial debt the city faces currently.

Hmm…The developer informed that the project of Taj Arabia is going to be completed by 2014, which is only two years from now for such an ambitious project. I seriously had doubt on it (two years are too short). Besides that, Dubai had been putting stops to many proposed megaprojects which some had been revealed almost a decade ago but until now sees no progress to turn those into reality. So, there is still no confirmed fate to this Taj Arabia project and yet it already receives very much popularity due to its overwhelming scale as well as idea of copying other buildings. Hmm…I think if this project goes on, India would take a strict action for copyright infringement.

Future proposals coming soon are construction of replicas of Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid of Giza and Great Wall of China all in Falcon City. Well, well…well…That would be totally insane if they proceed with all that once their financial status is stable. One wonder is certainly not enough for that masterplanning of Falcon City. But for all that to be built, it’s going to take at least one to two decades only if everything went smooth, unlike in Dubai’s current situation, when the city still falls in debt. So, for me, the chance of getting Taj Arabia built before 2014 is somehow only 10%. So, don’t put high hope on it yet…it’s just a proposal now.


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