October 5th picked as Global James Bond Day

Tell me, who doesn’t recognize the logo above? It’s 007…James Bond. (Image source: http://thecontrolleronline.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/007-Legends-logo.jpg)

Today, 5th October 2012 is the day celebrating 50th anniversary of first James Bond film entitled ‘Dr. No’. To mark the very much success of this heroic character in Great Britain’s film industry firstly introduced half a century ago, October 5th has been dedicated for Global James Bond Day. Hence, this day is not only celebrated in UK, but also all around the world since the popularity of this character had gone beyond international scale earlier.

What’s so iconic to me from this character is the unforgettable classic soundtrack the franchise offered. 23 films had been made based on this very iconic characters, and had been portrayed by several famous actors. But for my generation so far, it’s Daniel Craig that took the role including the latest film in the franchise entitled ‘Skyfall’ to be released end of this month or early next month. This character is so symbolic to Great Britain that it is even featured in the recent London 2012 Olympic Games’ opening ceremony with a little parody involving the Queen. It has somehow becomes a very important symbol representing UK.

I’m not going to miss ‘Skyfall’ and I think it would be an exciting movie not to be missed this year. Furthermore, the singer that gets to sing for the theme song of this film is one of my favourites, and she is Adele. The song had been released yesterday and I have heard it just now. The song is quite impressive; it gave us some classic feel unexpectedly and is performed brilliantly with a superb voice by Adele as usual, the biggest winner of Grammy this year. Hmm…I think the song would fits the film well.

So far, this Global James Bond Day which had just been introduced did not get much attention here in Malaysia. It seems like not many people here knew about this special day dedicated to honour this iconic James Bond character. But even if we had the intention to organize something in conjunction with this day, what can we do actually that relates to that famous franchise and character? Anyway, Happy James Bond day to everyone who had once fall in love with James Bond’s films and of course to the stars that had portrayed the character before, particularly the very cool Daniel Craig. Looking forward to James Bond’s 23rd film, ‘Skyfall’.

(Image source: http://borgdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/50-years-of-james-bond.jpg)


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