October 2012, there comes the last quarter of the year

Okay…September is gone, London 2012 Paralympics concluded, and my blog’s 4th birthday is over. Now, it’s time to welcome the arrival of October 2012, which also marks the beginning of the final quarter of the year. And from now on, there is only three more months before the year ends.

It’s going to be a long month for work, work and work. Luckily, there is a public holiday (Hari Raya Haji) at the end of the month that falls on Friday. Hmm…I realized there is quite a number of public holidays this year that falls on the day before or after weekend, which is very good as it extends our weekend break. But for employees, there would never be sufficient holidays in their minds. For students, this month would be a hard-to-go month due to upcoming final examinations except for Form 5 or Upper 6 when their official tests (SPM and STPM) would only be held beginning November. All the best to the students on their exams, and good luck!

Somehow, I already had a bad feeling that this month is going to be very plain and boring. It’s like there isn’t anything special going on for this entire month. I just wish to get over October quick without any troubles going around and I think I would only have a better year-end mood beginning November. By then, we would enjoy Christmas festive season, then countdown to new year 2013 before the next wonderful Chinese New Year. Ahh…I’m going too far already…now is only October 1st.

For this month’s blog header (you can see a copy of it from the image above, click on it for larger and clearer version, or you can just scroll up at the top of my blog to see the header itself), I tend to focus on nature this time. I love nature and I tried to bring in a little ‘nature’ feel to my blog here for this month. Of course, the whole space / site here wouldn’t be in green (still remains black) but it is the header itself that do the job. I stumbled upon a beautiful collage of few overwhelming images highlighting the beauty of nature in different times of a day. It’s obviously beautiful and caught my attention at the first glance. The colour is strong, the visual is impacting and clear. Hence, I decided to use it for my blog’s header. I didn’t own that image and I would just like to share it out to my blog’s visitors with no other intention. That is a lovely image, which can be helpful to bring in a good or relaxing mood to me for going through this long month. Hope it does the same to you as well. Have a nice month ahead!


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