Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Time for mooncakes!

It’s the time of the year again when the Chinese celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the eighth month in lunar calendar when full moon is observed. This year, the festival falls on this day, 30th September 2012 and it’s a Sunday which gives no excuse not to have this day with family particularly. What’s usually emphasized by Chinese families especially on ‘big’ day like this is the family gathering and dinner together. So, there should be no reason not to allocate little of your time for it unless you are far away from your family. Have a great time with your loved ones!

This Mid-Autumn Festival, or famously known as Chinese Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival and Lantern Festival is considered to be one of the very important festivals in Chinese tradition. Of course, the festival is closely related to eating mooncakes and playing with lanterns and candles particularly to the young kids which can be quite fun too. I remembered those time when I was a kid playing those with my neighbours in front of my house. Too bad, I couldn’t buy many lanterns to hang around as my parents see it as a waste of money, if not, the atmosphere would be very cool with many bright lanterns surrounding you. Such a nostalgic feeling.

For mooncakes, I would never miss this delicacy which are only available for a month every year around this period of festival. In fact,  mooncake is my favourite, on which I prefer more on the snowy one which has to be kept in refrigerator. However, on this year, the sale of snowy mooncakes had been greatly reduced and it’s so hard now to find place selling that. But still, I have already had almost 3 full snowy mooncakes bought from Mid Valley in my stomach earlier already. Haha…Yummy. Couldn’t afford to buy any more as mooncakes are now getting much more expensive. In average, a mooncake now costs over RM12 (so a box of four usually exceeds RM50), and when you cut it into four pieces, one piece which can be finished in only a very few bites already costs RM3 alone. Not worthy to buy a lot. Price is a bit unreasonable.

In concern to that and the sudden desire of my eldest sister to try out on her own, she made jelly mooncakes for the first time this year and her works are quite successful. She made a lot, and we finished them very quick too, which means that her mooncakes are even qualified for sale which many others are doing now as well. But she made quite an effort on it, buying all the necessary stuff and ingredients, then spending a long time in the process. Thanks for her lovely jelly mooncakes, and now I’m actually craving for more of that. Haha….anyway, last but not least, I would like to wish every Chinese a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival for the year 2012!!!


(Image source: http://www.chinatravel.com/focus/mid-autumn-festival/cards/card-4.html)


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