Budget 2013 looks so good to the people, but with mindset for upcoming election purpose only.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak unveiled the Budget 2013 today and I see that as one of the last few measures by the ruling coalition to maintain their federal government after the next general election which is expected to be called on anytime soon. Until now, there had been many speculations over the date of the next general election for Malaysia, but still the decision lies on the Prime Minister himself who has not made announcement yet regarding the matter. By the way, the election would still be held latest before next year’s March, for five years in a full term after the previous general election in March 2008.

Tabling of the Budget 2013 today is then seen very essential that would influence the citizens’ mindset on their votes in the next upcoming general election. And so the ruling coalition offered some of the most unbelievably good incentives to Malaysians as announced from this budget, as though the country is so wealthy to afford all those illogical incentives. I won’t reveal the details of the budget here as I think it’s a waste of my time to list down the not-working budget items here. Just now when I first read the summary of the Budget 2013, I laughed. It’s seriously a budget beneficial to the people at ‘surface’ level but then taking double in return from somewhere else beneath from the people themselves also (us). As what one of my Facebook friends said; ‘Stupid!!! You might want to vote BN to get “RM200 rebate for smart phone purchase for those aged 21 to 30 years”. And suffer another 5 years..’. Get it, guys and girls? The budget targeted the young people (us) but we won’t be fooled by them.

That’s what I have earlier mentioned from the title of this post. The budget appears so good to the people, but with mindset for upcoming election purpose only. It’s like when you buy a food with beautiful advertising picture shown, then what’s written below is the fact; ‘diagram is for illustration purpose only’. Same meaning here from the budget. Once the people get to taste the ‘sweetness’ offered and then pick the ruling coalition for the federal government, then they felt into trap. I didn’t read the budget proposed by the opposition since it is not publicized heavily (country here is controlled by government-linked media) but I believe their budget would be much more realistic, workable and productive unlike Najib’s Budget 2013.

Malaysia’s economy is reported to be quite positive (is it? I don’t think so) but that doesn’t mean the country is wealthy until to the point of giving out cash literally to the people. We don’t require these small ‘goodies’, what we need is the betterment of life of all Malaysians in long-term and continuous positive growth of the country. But then, the Budget 2013 didn’t achieve this objective which is what all Malaysians wanted in fact, but go the other way round just to win the hearts of the people so they can win comfortably in next election. Malaysians are not dumb, we see things in long term, we see things not on surface level, and we would know straight on which side to pick for the next election.


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