Movie review: Bait (2012)

I like movie that comes with story of a type of predator hunting a group of people, ultimately reducing the number of survivors in the end by killing off one by one. There have been many movies going on this direction, with killers like crocs, snakes, sharks or several others. And I find there isn’t much new films released with such similar storyline, up until the recently-released Australian film entitled ‘Bait’. The story of the film follow a freak tsunami that trapped a group of people in a supermarket along with hungry and aggressive great white sharks. Wow…that’s exciting.

I find the story to be generally interesting. It’s combining several things together (robbery, tsunami, trap, shark) to make up for an exciting setting without feeling anything awkward as the story goes. Things went quite fast in the beginning, and then came the tsunami which turned the climax on for the film till the death of the sharks. What’s always bad for films like this is the characters themselves which are usually portrayed to be in style of ‘the dumb or the noisy ones died first, the kind couple survived till the end’. This film slightly breaks the norm by having no awful or stupid characters at all but still having some baddies that are correct to my prediction that they would be killed in the film. One bad guy even turned good in the end. (sorry for little spoiler)

No annoying characters…that’s good. Now, let’s move on to the visual effects. The CGI of the shark is quite impressively done eventhough some shots of the shark still look a bit fake. Well, that is still acceptable, unlike many low-budget films that show such a fake creature that wouldn’t get us convinced. The sharks portrayed here are really huge and scary. The performance by the casts which I generally don’t recognize is satisfactory. On this film, they just don’t scream or just be there to get killed (which I hate when it’s too extreme or forcedly made) but shows realistic expression to portray their fear, panic or other feelings in such life-threatening situation. That’s another compliment to the film. The intensity is there, switching from the rising tension at the supermarket level to the basement car park where some trapped survivors realizing there is something deadly beneath the water.

I don’t understand why the film still receives quite a poor review or rating from majority of the audiences. When you compare this with so many other films of this genre, ‘Bait’ is so much better. The story is interesting and goes out of the typical pattern, the pace goes quick and well (no draggy storyline), visual effect is passable (and the sound effect is cool too), no stupid, dumb or noisy characters which can be quite annoying and bad), good performance by the casts, and quite a good script. It’s definitely worth watching, and even thrilling at some moments. Ahh…and there are some ‘shock’ scenes as expected (it’s a giant shark out there hunting you in sudden! There must be some sort of scary surprises in movies like this, not only from the sharks but also from those disgusting dead bodies shown in the film). Out of 10 points, I rate this film a total of 7.2. It’s very recommended for people who like films of this genre.

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