Ghetto Justice 2 (2012); quite an effortless sequel.

Ghetto Justice last year was a hit with main casts claiming their prestigious wins at TVB 2011 Anniversary Awards from this drama. Kevin Cheng won Best Actor and Most Favourite TV Male Character from his iconic ‘Law Ba’ character, Myolie Wu won Most Favourite TV Female Character from her character ‘Wong Si Fu’ and Sharon Chan won Best Supporting Actress from her character ‘Jing Jing’ from this drama. The success of the drama led to the creation of a sequel released this year; Ghetto Justice 2. I have finished watching the whole drama which is only 20-episodes long yesterday and all I can say is that I’m quite disappointed.

The first drama gave us quite a high expectation to this sequel. Most of the main casts were back together and with addition of some new casts for some sort of freshness. Sharon Chan is no longer in the series and it’s quite sad since her character passed away in the first drama. What’s tragic is the addition of two new casts who do not speak Cantonese very well and their acting is not passable. In other hand, Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng maintained their professional performances here (same thing we saw in the first drama), but I don’t see any chance for them to continue winning TV King or Queen from this drama this year anymore.

The story is very weak. Yes, I like the way everything runs very fast in this drama since it’s only 20 episodes long. Many character’s development had been done on first drama and so more emphasis on this part is over the new characters introduced which are not very likeable. And also, it is very boring to see them dealing with the very poor families again and again throughout the whole drama. I knew their neighbourhood centered on poor-class group of Hong Kong people, but they can actually do many other interesting thoughts on that setting in fighting for justice. For lawyer-based drama like this, I had already expected some small cases that would bring a test to the characters which eventually leads to arrival of final case which would be very serious and impacting to the main characters. From this drama, it is not an exception but those cases touched on are too weak and brought no excitement to the development of the story.

That’s include the final case involving Evergreen Mak as the villain. It’s quite interesting to see a case on collapse of building that seriously affected the much familiar neighbourhood in the drama but that part went too fast. Evergreen Mak is shown to be very brutal and heartless, looking down on poor society, gets angry by the neighbourhood for making his son turning against him and not selling their building for his new development, then ordered people to turn the building down. And so, the building collapse (quite an intense scene but very short) and then, he is killed by Kevin, Myolie covered him, Kevin finally revealed the truth, he didn’t get convicted for murder in the end. That’s it. To be honest, I’m expecting more crazy things particularly in the court between Evergreen Mak and Kevin Cheng to make the final case truly overwhelming. But then, Evergreen’s character so fast got killed.

That’s the issue when everything is within 20 episodes with each episode only 40 minutes long. The story isn’t interesting or exciting. What’s good is the performances by the main characters. Even the script isn’t that well written compared to the first drama. As a conclusion, I find that everything seems to be quite rushed and forced to make this drama happen. Like what I said in the title of this post, this drama is quite an effortless production with poor delivery in substance and content. Truly disappointing. Out of 10 points, I can only give this drama a total of 6.2. Seriously not happy or satisfied with this series. No wonder it received much lower TV rating compared to the first one.

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