Something on badminton today; Final of Japan Open 2012 and badminton superstar, Lin Dan gets married

Badminton has always been my favourite sport eventhough I have not play the sport for such a long time. It is also the only sport in Olympics that sees higher chance for Malaysia (my country) to grab a medal. Today, there had been two important occasions regarding this sport. First of all is that the final of Japan Open 2012 Super Series was held today.

The championship saw the absence of the whole badminton team from China. The reason is probably due to the current rising tension and conflict between Japan and China over the sovereignty of an island. Hence, that gave a very good chance for other countries to perform in the tournament. And same goes to Malaysia. Malaysia is involved in three out of five finals; men single, men doubles and mixed doubles. That’s considered amazing for Malaysia, but to be honest, if China’s team is there, then there wouldn’t be so many Malaysians’ appearance in the final.

Lee Chong Wei should have an easy scoring looking at his recent form, and yes, he won against Boonsak Ponsana from Thailand in two straight games in men single. Another fortunate event for Malaysia would be the Malaysian mixed double pair, Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying won the mixed double match against an Indonesian pair in two straight games as well. However, things aren’t that good all the way for Malaysia as Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong lost to a junior pair from South Korea unexpectedly in men doubles. They showed such a bad performance just now as I did watch only their match few hours ago.

Another big occasion on this day related to badminton must have been the wedding of Lin Dan, known as the current world best badminton player with a former badminton player as well, Xie Xingfang. Both have been dating for so many years and finally they tied the knot today. Lin Dan had invited Chong Wei to attend but Chong Wei couldn’t due to time conflict with the Japan Open 2012 Final held today as well. Congratulation to the badminton-star couple. Both Lin Dan and Chong Wei might be enemies in court but they are actually friends outside court. It’s time for Lin Dan to start his family after winning so many major championships, and have been so much stable on his wealth and career.

(Image above showing Lin Dan and Xie XingFang posting at their wedding dinner from Lin Dan’s official Facebook page)

Their marriage even became the headline of today’s Chinese newspaper of Sin Chew. That is quite surprising. Ahh, for our Malaysia’s superstar, Lee Chong Wei, he is going to marry a former badminton player as well,Wong Mew Choo next year as reported. Such a similar pattern with that of Lin Dan. Haha…Let’s see whether Lin Dan would be invited or not. I think he would be if there is nothing on their schedule. Both of them had made so much fortune from this sport, and it should be time for them to rest, get married, and get a life! Haha…but for Chong Wei, he wish to stay in top form for few more years until 2016 for his very last Olympic outing at Rio de Janeiro for his ambition of winning Malaysia’s first ever gold medal in Olympic Games. An early good luck for him first.


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