Shila Amzah, a new rising Malaysian icon

The talk of the town now in Malaysia isn’t about the new iPhone 5 anymore. It’s about a nice-looking Malay girl who won an international singing competition in China that brought her to fame and made Malaysia proud. She is Shila Amzah, and the news of her winning and her splendid performance in the competition are widely circulated from Facebook to news and even radio stations in Malaysia. Now, she no doubt emerged as a new rising Malaysian icon.

At first, I do not know anything about her or the competition. Then, today I do a little search and I was shocked to see her performance in the competition held in Shanghai, known as Asian Wave 2012 which gathers great singers from all around Asia to compete for the coveted champion. The champion would then be hailed as a new Asian superstar. And it is Shila Amzah from Malaysia that won the champion. She truly deserved it after watching some of her performances just now in YouTube.

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Her voice is superb. She shows a great and eye-catching attitude while performing. She can control her voice and pitch so well that her performance in every songs she contested is almost perfect. Wonderful! Really impressive! And the best thing on her is that she sang songs of different language that are able to capture the attention and interest of the heavyweight judges and China audiences. She sang Malay song (Gemilang), English songs (Grenade and Set Fire To The Rain), and the most impressive one would be her last song in the final that took the hearts of everyone; a Chinese song (Zheng Fu). She also sang Wang Lee Hom’s Forever Love pretty well in the semi final earlier. You can search easily for her performances in the competition from YouTube. I can tell you that you won’t regret after spending quite some time on those clips of her singing.

Her performance particularly in the final gave me goosebumps. Her performance no doubt overwhelmed all the other contestants (from Singapore, China, South Korea, India, Thailand, etc) and she further rise to the occasion with her final song as mentioned earlier. The judges (of some very notable people in music industry like Hacken Lee, Alan Tam, and some very familiar from Taiwan) are so in awe looking at their expression everytime when it’s Shila on stage. They always stand up, gave a big applause everytime Shila finished her performance that received also loud applause from the audiences.

She had a great voice, courage and talent. She is definitely a new rising Malaysian icon apart from other well-known Malaysians like Lee Chong Wei, Michelle Yeoh, etc. Congratulation to her for winning the Asian Wave 2012 competition and for making Malaysia proud! It’s really good to be Malaysian as you know multiple languages and it’s an advantage when you compete on international stage. She did it very well and she made it! Now, she would have a bright future and it’s time for her to expand her career not only in Malaysia but throughout whole continent to be the next truly Asia superstar. And I’m sure she had the capability for it.


9 Responses to “Shila Amzah, a new rising Malaysian icon”

  1. Great entry Loi and congrats on your blog’s fourth year!!! To be honest, Shila’s Zheng Fu gave me goosebumps as well and i had tears in my eyes by the end of the song! The judges were so impressed as well. Shila rocks! Loi rocks!

  2. i started love her voice when she sing adele’s song set fire in da rain.,., truly kuv herrr!!!!!!

  3. it would be much better if she can speak mandarin as well so she can communicate easily with fans from mandarin speaking countries.

  4. I love Shila’s voice since the first time watching her singing a spanish song in “One in a Million” competition a few years ago…

  5. love u shila n thanks fr positive comment for shila from u all….i hope she can be a asian superstar in fiure….lv u my dear shila….

  6. Shila superb.. even though i’m malay and do not understand Mandarin.. but that last song really melt my heart.. her voice and Zheng Fu song just perfect..

  7. Btw hope i’m not late wishing you..happy blogging Loy.. !!

  8. One word…

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