My blog is officially 4 years old. Happy Birthday!

22nd September 2008 was the day I started out this blog in a very low profile manner. That was exactly four years ago when I began to do registering under WordPress blogging community, start up with a new empty page, choose theme and appearance for my site, and began monitoring my dashboard. And there it is,, my blog as you can see here now, four years after my continuous contribution in not only writing posts, but also sharing some interesting or useful information as well as designing each month’s blog header to turn my blog’s appearance some sort of refreshing every month.

Time flies. I have to stress that again and again. Time really flies,…and I mean very quick. I have been living with this lovely blog here for four years long. Not a very long period, but I can feel that this blog had becomes part of my life eventually day after day. There seems to be a bond between us. So, right now, on this day when my blog has its’ 4th birthday, I feel quite excited about it actually. It’s like, baby is four years old…up and growing! Before I started out this blog, I had created a blog earlier, specialized in buildings, skylines and architecture category under with not many posts there. Then, after a while, I seems to pay no attention to it anymore and just abandon it for so many years, until recently when a staff from contacted me and I decided to delete that blog. I almost forget that I had a blog earlier. But what I’m very sure now is that I will never forget this blog which is now officially my one and only blog I focus on since 2008.

Happy Birthday to my blog! It’s been a pleasure to have contribute everything to this blog until this day when much success has been enjoyed, which in recent had just surpassed 1000-post milestone, surpassed record of highest visits in a single day (almost 10 000), and passed 1.5 million hits. All that would be treated as a big present for my blog’s birthday. Your continuous support (by coming back to check out new posts which I regularly updated this blog with), increased number of likes or shares to my blog would be also a gift to my blog.

Recently, I had even checked my blog’s statistics not from my own WordPress dashboard but from famous Alexa website ranking and some others to find out how my blog is doing, compared to over 30 million domains registered. I am quite surprised and excited (a bit of proud too) as my blog stayed within 1 to 1.5 million ranking out of over 30 million domains. Oh…my blog is considered top 5% of every sites available in the world wide web! Congratulations! Another big present to my blog. All that has turned my blog’s 4th birthday to be much more meaningful, memorable, joyful and exciting! Happy Birthday to my blog ( here once again! All the best to myself, my blog and to all readers of my blog! Now only I realized that a lot of my friends including those from Facebook of course has their birthday today also. Perhaps a good choice for the date of the birth of my blog exactly on this day four years ago.

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