My blog passed 1.5 million hits today (18th September 2012)!


Ahh,..nice! Few weeks ago, I started a prediction that my blog would passed 1.5 million hits before my blog’s 4th birthday on 22nd September 2012. Well, that becomes a goal to achieve for my blog while at the same time I can’t do anything about it because the number of hits or views is very subjective. Some days the number of hits dropped, some days it increased. It’s very hard to tell, especially when it’s few weeks ago.

That goal is achieved, meaning that my blog set another breakthrough on this day (18th September 2012, Tuesday) in late afternoon (before night) by passing 1.5 million hits. And yes, it’s 1.5 million visits to my blog not counting my own visit as informed in my blog’s dashboard. It’s not 1500, not 15 000, not 150 000 but 1 500 000! Seven figures in total. Half of 3 million, and 0.5 million more to reach 2 million. That’s quite an achievement, isn’t it? Here below is a screen capture of my blog’s page showing for the first time the figure goes beyond 1.5 million in the number of hits category at the right hand side of my site when I clicked on my blog.

I believe not many blogs are able to reach that amount of hits in less than 4 years. I started out this blog in very low profile and I had no intention at all to gain huge amount of visits from others. A year or two after I started out this blog back in 2008, some of my posts started to gain high number of clicks and even some sharing. Now, it’s 1.5 million hits and is rising at an average rate of 1800 to 2300 hits per day. That’s generally quite a good statistics for a blog created lesser than four years with over 1000 posts, all written by myself as of current.

The next goal to achieve in this category of hits would be 2 million. I am expecting that to happen before the end of first quarter of 2013 (next year). So, there is less than 6 months for me to reach another awesome target in total number of hits to my blog. Hmm…that is quite far from now…and of course I hope it would be achieved quicker by having higher average daily hits to my blog. What’s coming soon for my blog to celebrate would be the upcoming (very soon indeed) 4th birthday of my blog this Saturday. My next post would be on that of course. Bye…



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