Back from a short Genting trip with family, and there goes the end of a lovely weekend.

My dad always persuade me to follow him to Genting Highlands whenever he go, but I always rejected him because I find it bored to be at Genting after I have tried out everything there from its indoor to outdoor theme parks, and from the shops to the restaurants. I have been there quite often when I was a kid, and since now I had grown up, I find Genting to be not that fun after all. However, since this weekend is longer due to the coinciding Malaysia Day break on Monday and I have no other things to do, and so I followed my dad to Genting finally. I also choose to stay for one night at the Resorts Hotel which is convenient to my dad to go to casino as usual. That’s the place for his main entertainment, and of course also the main reason to go to Genting Highlands for most adults.


(Image above shows a wonderful aerial view of Genting Highlands, now known as Resort World Genting. Image from

Ahha…my eldest sister was bringing her family up to Genting Highlands too on last Sunday, and so I followed her car instead since my dad had already went up there a day before. At first, I accompanied my sister with her two baby sons (my nephews) at the First World Plaza. And of course, it’s time for my eldest nephew to take on several rides suitable for him in that indoor theme park. That day was a very crowded day. We had hard time finding parking as some routes leading to car parks are closed (many are full). Hundreds of cars were even parked by the roadside far far away but we decided to turn a few rounds instead. Finally, we found a parking after almost an hour of searching and I can consider that as lucky already.

Looking from that, we already expected huge amount of visitors inside every buildings nestled in Genting Highlands. After a dinner, I followed my dad to enter into casino. Eventhough I’m still not 21 yet (the minimum age to enter) as I am still around two months behind, I just quickly sneaked in without catching the attention of the guard at the entrance to the casino in Resorts Hotel. And there it goes, I was in the casino, filled with thousand of gamblers, mostly addicted ones from what I can see. And to be honest, this is not my first time entering Genting’s casino as I have did so several times previously. Haha…Some were so excited until they screamed, while some were looking moody, a sign that they lost quite an amount. Gamble is all about losing or winning.

I have been in the casino several times but this is my first time to gamble. Quite nervous in the beginning because it’s my own hard-earned money that I’m putting my bet on. And worst thing is that the minimum bets on every games on that night are very high. I lost RM 100, but that was just little. In the beginning, I lost out all of my RM200 chips, but then I won several times in the dice game and hence giving me win back. However, after several turns of not winning anything, I ended up losing RM100 overall. Fine…it’s just a little gamble. I would have heart attack if I gamble huge amount of money like what many others did (mostly aunties and uncles). I won’t dare to do so, unless I have a lot of modal in hand.


(Image showing the quite good-feel interior of Coffee Terrace at Genting Highlands. Image from

We left the ‘resorts at the peak’ with full stomach after enjoying buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace. This was my first time having a meal there. A meal of several plates to finish (and that’s why I was really full, but have to since it’s a buffet), with food from Western, Chinese, Nyonya, Japanese and Malay served. But the desserts served aren’t delicious. Overall, I think it’s not much worthy to eat there with that high price.


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  1. Og det var n jobbet fire r som ikke br vre en ordinre
    ligasystemet menegne amatrligaer.

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