Happy 49th Malaysia Day!

Happy Malaysia Day to my beloved country! And yes, since this public holiday falls on Sunday this year, then tomorrow (Monday) would be a holiday for replacement! Cool! One of the reasons I like to be in Malaysia is for its various public holidays. In olden days, Malaysia Day which falls on 16th September isn’t seen as an important day and there is no public holiday for this occasion, not until in recent years when Malaysia Day started to be emphasized for its importance in the history of the nation. And hence from then, the day is made as public holiday every year onwards.

Of course what matters to me and others is the holiday. I believe most Malaysians agree to that as well. And that gives us three days of continuous break this year, due to arriving weekend yesterday. What would you do on this much-longer weekend? Have fun and enjoy the weekend and the holiday! Malaysia Day also marked the end of Patriotic Month beginning mid 0f August till mid of September every year.

How is Malaysia Day different from National Day celebrated back in 31st August earlier? Let’s trace back a bit of history of Malaysia. 31st August is the Independence Day anniversary of Peninsular Malaysia (formerly Malaya). On 31st August 1957, Malaya is officially a free nation after gaining independence from British. Few year later, Malaya’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman suggested and proposed for a combination of the already-independent Malaya with Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Singapore to form an emerging country and that is successfully being realized by 16th September 1963. That is where Malaysia Day came from. Singapore and Brunei dropped out from the combination due to several conflicts few years later and that left Malaysia to consist of only Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia) up till now.


(Image above explains the history of formation of Malaysia in brief. Image is from official Facebook page of Malaysians & Friends support KL 2024 Olympic host city candidacy)

So, after a quick calculation, this year’s 16th September marked 49th anniversary of the symbolic Malaysia Day! Malaya had been 55 years old, but in fact, Malaysia is only 49 years old. Malaysia would be celebrating the half-a-century (50th) Malaysia Day next year. It also happens that there are quite a lot of advertisements produced highlighting this Malaysia Day, giving much more further emphasis to this day in recent years. What’s next? Countdown and fireworks maybe, or another official celebration to this day not long after Merdeka (Independence) celebration in near future? Anyway, Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians once again! May the country stay away from bad and corrupted government, keeps developing and rise to the occasion to reach developed status by 2020 as stated in Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020).


(Image above is from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kp-UO0G7-dw/TnHtGpXDhOI/AAAAAAAAE3I/yhRLsxPfMPM/s1600/selamat%2Bhari%2Bmalaysia.jpg)


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  1. Top-notch post it is surely. I’ve been awaiting for this update

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