Warisan Merdeka now to be of 600 metres high!

Finally, there is a news (not widely reported yet) regarding the status of the proposed Warisan Merdeka (Independence Heritage) Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak first announced this project back in 2010 (yes, two years ago) and there seems to be no action going on towards this high-budget project until now. This is quite disappointing. Many are looking forward towards this new skyscraper (while there are also many criticizing it as a waste of nation’s money). For me, it feels good to have a new supertall in KL after Petronas Twin Tower have been dominating the skyline of the capital for so long.

Warisan Merdeka Tower is first proposed to be of at least 500 metres tall, which makes it the tallest building in Malaysia as well as in South East Asia. It is to contain 100 floors, and to be built over land nearby the historic Stadium Merdeka (Independence Stadium). Land preparation had been carried out and it is reported last month that the project gets a green light from the authority. I am hoping everything gets really well and smooth after that so that the construction would start very soon, and in near future, we would be able to see a new skyscraper standing proud in the city of Kuala Lumpur, one of the world alpha cities. Things have to commence quickly to turn this proposal into reality!

Then, the height is updated again to tower over Taipei 101 (508 metres) and even possibly over the under-construction One World Trade Center (541 metres). And the great news is that on yesterday, it is reported that the height of the proposed tower has been revised to 600 metres, which would make it the world’s third tallest building in current ranking (behind Burj Khalifa and Macca Royal Clock Hotel Tower) and probably in top 5 once completed few years later. Since the construction had been postponed and there isn’t any status update to the project for such a long time, the estimated year of completion would no longer be in 2015. I predicted year 2018 possibly if only the tower truly started its construction end of this year. I think now the government would wait after the coming-soon general election to decide over the fate of the tower.

So now, the tower would be 600 metres tall! That’s very tall, around 150 metres taller than Petronas Twin Towers, the former world tallest buildings and still the current world tallest twin buildings. Warisan Merdeka Tower would be still in range between 100 to 120 storeys, and the height increment would be mostly from the topping spire. But wait, where is the official (final) design of the tower? It has not even been released yet. Haiz…things are really slow and not well for this tower. The architecture company responsible for the design, Fender Katsalidis Architects didn’t even reveal a single detail regarding this project. Hmm…have to wait for the next news or status update over this mega project.


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