11th anniversary of the 911 tragedy; A look at the current site of the former WTC with on-going construction of new 1WTC

It has been 11 years after the September 11 attacks that took almost 3000 lives and destroyed the twin tower of World Trade Center in New York City and part of Pentagon. This massive-scale terrorist act had been condemned worldwide, and after so many years, Osama bin Laden, the man behind this suicide attacks was finally killed as reported. Life goes on for everyone else, as well as to the site of the former World Trade Center, which was then recognized as Ground Zero.

In former anniversary of the attacks, special events had been organized and the most remarkable one would be the ‘Tribute of Light’, on which two columns of light shine over the sky of New York City from the original footprint of the destroyed Twin Tower. In the 10th anniversary of the 911 tragedy last year, the 911 Memorial Park featuring two large waterfalls over the footprint of the former twin tower surrounded by a humble park is officially opened by the President of United States, Barack Obama and the former President, George W. Bush to the public.

For the 11th anniversary of the 911 tragedy this year, the ‘Tribute of Light’ is still present but the location had been shifted. That received major criticism and even I myself disagree to that decision. It would be pointless if you have that thing in somewhere else and not on the original footprint of the former twin tower. (By looking at the first image below, you would realize that the ‘Tribute of Light’ had been shifted few hundred metres away from its original location) By the way, let’s have a look over the on-going construction of the One World Trade Center which when built, would be the tallest in United States with height of 541 metres. I believe the construction had commenced many years ago and I’m curious over the very slow progress of the tower’s construction. However, by now, the construction of the tower had already reached the upper floors, and it would be not far from topping out soon when the pinnacle would be raised to the final height of the building.

(The two images above are from skyscrapercity.com forum on the topic of One World Trade Center)

Even during its construction now, it has already became the tallest building in the city, towering above Empire State Building which is only 381 metres tall. And the most surprising things to me regarding the design of the tower is that it keeps on changing even when the tower is already under construction. As far as I knew, there is already modification to the base of the tower particularly on its facade appearance. And then, the top most portion of the tower (the pinnacle) would also be different from what it is seen earlier in renderings. Hmm…eventhough the amendments aren’t big, but I prefer the former version. Anyway, it’s still a nice-looking tower (it looks cool and very reflective as seen from the second image above), and is a great addition to the picturesque skyline of New York City. I think the construction for this tower shouldn’t be delayed anymore so that it would be completed right before the 12th anniversary of the tragedy in 11th September 2013.


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