Movie review: Paranorman (2012)

It’s Saturday and I am looking forward for a nice film to watch. Then, I stumbled upon a new animated film entitled ‘Paranorman’, which is a comedy horror movie revolves on a misunderstood boy, whom takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-old curse.I find animated films nowadays are mostly successful and are even able to cater for adult audiences very well apart from entertaining only children. This ‘Paranorman’ is not an exception. I tend to compare this to ‘Coraline’ and I find the latter is better. ‘Coraline’ is better-crafted and appears to be more engaging compared to ‘Paranorman’ which is indeed, still a nice and worth-watching animated film.

The development of the story goes very well from this film. At first, the main character called Norman (that is why the movie is called ‘Paranorman’, putting his name into the title while staying clear to the theme of paranormal)  is introduced as a young boy who can sees dead people. For that ability, he was then recognized as freak by his family, friends and the whole society. After a very much sufficient introduction and development to the characters, then comes the ‘serious business’ when Norman started to use his ability to save his town from a curse by a young witch died many years ago. A very good script had contributed to the very much success of this film in terms of delivering this intelligent story.

Would kids tend to be scared from this film? I don’t think so. There are zombies appearing in this film, but they don’t came out really frightening from this film. Instead, there are quite some hilarious things going from them. Hence, this film is still appealing and suitable to the kids as well as to the adults. Even the evil witch whom Norman had to deal with to break the curse is not actually ‘evil’, but only narrow-minded, but in the end, successfully advised by Norman. (Sorry for a little spoiler). Norman is an interesting character, and he is then being aided by his loyal friends and even his family after realizing that his ability to see and talk to dead is true as told by him earlier.

I had nothing much to comment on this film. It’s simply nice (but not very amazing) and there isn’t any major failure from this film. It has a good plot, amazing script, spectacular visual, appealing story’s development and some fun characters.One not-so-satisfying aspect I can find is that there isn’t much ‘action’ seen from this film. I was hoping for more ‘hide and seek’ and ‘chase and attack’ looking from this horror theme. Things goes well, but quite plain and steady without any breakthrough or thrill throughout the film. I didn’t actually sense any ‘real’ climax from this film. I am actually more bad things the witch does to the town so that the story would becomes more exciting and interesting, but I’m left disappointed in that aspect. Anyway, I like the ending of the film, showing Norman watching scary movies while being accompanied by his family and his dead grandma that is in contrast to the one shown in the beginning of the film. It’s simple yet meaningful and put a clear statement to conclude the film well. Out of 10 points, I rate this movie a total of 7.0.

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