Record-breaking highest number of visitors to my blog two days ago…a whopping total of almost 10 000 in a single day!

I am shocked just now when I logged into my blog’s dashboard to check on my blog’s statistic for two days ago. There is a graph that shows the total number of visitors coming to my blog every day. Generally, the graph goes in quite a balanced pattern, with average views of 1500+ to my blog every day. But that isn’t the case for my blog two days ago that gained a total of 9691 views. That is incredible! I never expected such a high figure. Check out my stats’ graph for this week with the inconsistency of having suddenly a tall bar indicating a very high hits to my blog two days ago (5th September 2012)….

I am of course quite excited over this record-breaking achievement. The previous recorded highest number of visitors is around 6000+ and this time it’s about 3000+ more. Too bad, it didn’t goes beyond 10 000-mark. Just a bit lesser than that which would be my next target for highest recorded number of views to my blog. Basically, I knew the reason for sudden high increase of visitors to my blog on 5th September. I have written quite an interesting post few months ago regarding Teachers’ Day which in Malaysia, it is celebrated in June. India had its Teachers’ Day celebration on 5th September too. Since India is a huge country, with a very high population, there must be quite a number of blog readers from that country. Hence, my blog gained majority of their attention two days ago from the post I have written earlier regarding that particular topic.

Well, that certainly boosts up my overall total hits to my blog. It is now nearing to 1.5 million views, and I predict that my blog would achieves over 1.5 million hits by end of this month, to coincide with my blog’s 4th birthday that had been expressed earlier through my blog header for this month (September 2012). After 1.5 million, then the coming soon would be a whopping 2 million hits! That’s still quite far from now. So many good things coming for my blog. Hoping for increasing number of views to own blog is definitely a wish for every bloggers. For my blog, let’s make it happen! know..sometimes it is really hard to publish a post that is able to gain a lot of attention. It must be something not only informative but also interesting, while at the same time touching on some very hot or popular on-going issues or events. Of course, it would be further nice if my posts are shared by others on somewhere else, which suggests that my posts are of some sort of respective standard and are able to express something out that is capable of convincing others to have make decision to share it. You are warmly welcomed to do so, and of course together with referencing to the original author.

Okay…it’s now Friday’s night and I’m not going to spend much time here continuing on this post. Friday’s night is basically a great night for entertainment and chance for us to sleep late after a whole week of working. For me, I will stick to my laptop, watch some dramas or movies, play some quick games while sitting comfortably in my air-conditioned room. Lovely…For everyone else (you), enjoy your weekend!


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