A nice weekend that was longer due to National Day holiday, yet gone so quick…

The last weekend came a little longer due to a public holiday on Friday celebrating Malaysia’s 55th Independence Day. What’s important to me isn’t about the ‘Merdeka’ thingy, but was on how I am going to enjoy the three-days break…Instead, I already started to have the holiday mood back on Thursday. There isn’t much events planned for that weekend, but still I find it to be quite interesting. And me and my family actually breaks record for playing rummy tile games four days in a row.

As I told you before, I like to play rummy. For mahjong, I’m not an expert (can’t read Chinese) and so I don’t play that. On Thursday’s night, I seems to be quite in bad luck situation, and I lost RM70 over. Ahh, nevermind, on the next day’s afternoon, I won RM80 over. That put me into gain back. We aren’t finished yet. On Saturday after a wonderful dinner at Sushi King, we played again and I won few dollars only. Ahh..at least better than losing. Then, on Sunday’s afternoon, I won RM30 over. So, overall, I won a total of RM50 and I spend that for my car’s petrol this week. So, I would have free driving this week. I just don’t know why time passes so fast when we are playing the games. Easily few hours are gone without us even realizing it while playing. It’s just so nice and addictive to play. Haha…

Thanks to the Independence Day celebration that granted me another day for that entertainment. But wait..there isn’t any official countdown to Independence Day at Dataran Merdeka this year! Ohh..that is ridiculous and it’s by far the first time in history that the government didn’t hold any official celebration or countdown event at that iconic Independence Square! That is such an important moment. Ahh…everyone knows the reason! It’s because the opposition-supported organizations were holding rallies on that night in theme of ‘Janji Demokrasi’ (promise for democracy). The government is of course against such noble thing, and stick to their nonsense National Day theme of ‘Janji Ditepati’ (promise fullfilled). What a silly theme that is so politically-biased. Of course, there are quite a lot of people attending the government-led events for the National Day but the number of people against them are much much higher.


Aerial view showing the National Day Parade 2012 along road at Dataran Merdeka and Sultan Abdul Ahmad Building.




View inside the Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil during Himpunan 55 Merdeka: Janji Ditepati.

So, it has proven that the government feared of them and decided not to even hold a countdown celebration on that very important night. Hah…There are so many people attending the rally on that eve and yet the government-controlled media didn’t even report anything on it. And those media keep highlighting the next day event hold by the government, the usual National Day parade and a gathering based on that dumb theme at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil at night of 31st August 2012. Sick of it. Simple, they just don’t think! One word; no hope on this government. Everything is just a failure from them and it is proven in every aspects. It’s not that I’m not being patriotic, but there is just certain party that I really get annoyed with. Forget about them…this week is going to be a long week for me. But wait…another public holiday coming soon; Malaysia Day in two weeks time!

(The two images in this post are from The Star Gallery)


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