September 2012, the month celebrating my blog’s 4th birthday!

The whole month of August came to an end? I didn’t even notice that! Ahh…everything happened so quick for me in the past month. August 2012 had been quite dramatic for me. It’s supposed to be a great enjoyable month when I can have almost a-week-long break for trip to Vietnam, giving me opportunity to visit Halong Bay, one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. But every plans turned upside down when my grandma passed away. For the age of 87, she is considered to be quite fortunate to live that long but I am still quite saddened over the recent loss of my beloved grandma. May she rest in peace. It’s not all bad for the past month to me. My blog reached remarkable 1000th post milestone in August 2012 and it’s something to be happy or glad for. So overall, last month had been quite memorable to me in both negative and positive manners.

Life goes on for us, as well as for my blog and I hope September 2012 would be fully positive month for me. I created this blog four years ago, hence considering myself to have given ‘life’ to this blog as soon as I published my first ever post on this blog. And now, or soon to be exact, my blog would be celebrating its’ fourth birthday. It’s really quite unbelievable to me that my blog would reach the age of 4 by the end of this month. That means I have been contributing for an enormous amount of four years with over 1000 posts to this, my very one and only beloved blog, that I considered it as my masterpiece.

In conjunction with that, the design of this month’s blog header would be on that particular point. First, you see a huge ‘4’ in gold colour, representing the prestige of having a ‘big’ thing going on for this lovely month related to number four. Then, you see an assembly of small ‘blog’ icons forming a word of ‘birthday’ right after the number indicating that its 4th birthday to my blog. At last, an image of lighted candles on a cake with all that mentioned earlier give a very obvious explanation on what this month means to me and my blog the most. So, how would you rate this blog’s header in terms of its creativity value? There’s another copy of the blog header for this month below…click on it for a larger and clearer version.

Hmm…it’s the best I can think of at this moment when I am feeling sleepy and I don’t wish to spend more time on it further. But in the end, I’m still quite satisfied with the outcome. What’s important is the meaning conveyed, and the header must have obviously did that. September 2012 comes in four full weeks. In Malaysia, we are going to have a public holiday this month, thanks to the Malaysia Day that falls on 16th September (next day would be holiday since the public holiday is on Sunday). we are getting nearer to the last quarter of the year. So fast…Ahhaa…last but not least, let me inform you that this is my 1010th post!…What a nice number. Bye…


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