Happy 55th Independence Day to Malaysia!

Malaysia, Happy 55th Independence Day!

If you are not Malaysian, then let me tell you a bit over the history of my country, Malaysia. The country achieved independence from British back in 31st August 1957. By then, the nation was called as ‘Malaya’ until 1963 when it combined with Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore to form ‘Malaysia’. Not long after, Singapore withdrew due to certain unsolved reasons. Tunku Abdul Rahman who shouted ‘Merdeka’ seven times at Stadium Merdeka on 31st August 1957 marked the beginning of freedom to the newborn nation. He then became Malaysia’s first Prime Minister.

There’s a bit of history of independence of Malaysia that I briefly mentioned here. Of course there are many further issues revolving the process of gaining independence which I have studied back in my secondary school years. But then, I’m sure I forgot some parts of it. And of course, I won’t explain much here. If not, it will get you bored. So, after a simple calculation, Malaysia is now 55 years old. Happy Birthday to my beloved country!

As usual, there would be National Day parade in the morning of the Independence Day, which usually takes place at roads along the iconic Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) in Kuala Lumpur, capital of the country. Even the night before, on the eve, Malaysians as well as foreigners would gather on that square to watch performances and countdown events till midnight. So it is what happening just now. It was 12am and multiple fireworks explosion were heard. I myself have never participate on national day events. I admit I’m not that patriotic, but I do still love my country. Perhaps, there is certain ‘parties’ or ‘aspects’ that took my love towards the country away. I won’t elaborate more on that.

There is one extra planned celebration for this year’s Independence Day; Gathering at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at the night of 31st August. This brought me back to my memory five years ago when I did watch a mega-event called ‘Raksasa Merdeka’ to celebrate the country’s 50th year of independence at Stadium Merdeka. The show was quite massive and brilliantly organized. I think this gathering would be something similar to that. But of course, this time, I expected the gathering to be much of political-basis, and I hate that. Even by looking at this year’s theme for National Day celebration proved that. The theme is ‘Janji Ditepati’ (Promise Fulfilled). That is so politically-motivated, and yet the government denied that particular motive which is so obvious! What a ‘shit’ theme that ruined the actual meaning of the celebration. And bad-looking logo!

Hmm..forget about it. Still, as a Malaysian, I would like to wish again to my country, Malaysia, Happy 55th Independence Day! Let’s hope the country would strive forward in all areas of development, and on track to achieved ‘Wawasan 2020’ which is like only less than 8 years away. Time is running out. From my perspective, I still think the country is quite far from that vision. Too bad…. who to blame? Everyone knows the answer. By the way, ‘Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke-55 kepada Malaysia!’ (Wishing my country in national language, Malay Language). Satu Malaysia! (hmm…I felt bored over hearing this phrase used anywhere in no point again and again.) Hoho…who cares, what I’m happy over National Day is because it would be a public holiday and for this year, it’s on Friday! Cool!


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