No! Don’t vandalise the street art!

Most Malaysians would know what I’m writing about just by looking at the title. It’s such a hit now in Malaysia. Even this morning’s issue raised by Malaysia’s No.1 Chinese radio station, MY FM is regarding this particular vandalism to the lovely street art in Georgetown, Penang. And this issue had also been highlighted on front cover of various Chinese newspapers recently.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, then you would still remember that I had previously written a post regarding public street art and that this interesting stuff isn’t going on over here in Malaysia actively. Finally, there is a hit on public street art in Malaysia, eventhough the one behind it is not a local, but a foreigner who shows keen interest on such art in the heritage city of Georgetown in Penang Island. He is Ernest Zacharevic. From the few masterpieces he produced at Georgetown that I saw from the virally-circulating images of those, I can see that he is such a talented person. His art complements very well to the old/dilapidated-looking wall backdrop, and thus very much engaging. The drawings are pretty simple, but ‘speaks’. Awesome!

(Two images above are from Ernest Zacharevic’s official Facebook page, the person who did all these awesome creative works!)

His arts attracted the public interest, and now the media attention as well. Huh….Some not from the state even went to Georgetown just to see how lovely those street arts he produces. But too bad, some of his creative works had been vandalised! Such a pity. To those who did such nonsense thing, what is your reason for doing that? You are such a dumb, or are you jealous of other’s creativity? You have no right to do such awful deed. People had put their effort on it, and people like it. Then you come to destroy it. Stupid people. Luckily, there are quite a number of people who helped to restore or recover Ernest’s works. Hmm..I really appreciate their help.

Ernest would be back to Georgetown next month. It appears that he likes the city very much, most probably of its rich heritage value and feel. I do like such environment too, away from those towering skyscrapers I always see in KL. Hmm…hope that he would continue to contribute his creativity to Georgetown’s hardscapes. Or to somewhere else, like in KL. KL needs such street art too. It would be very nice to have it here in the capital of Malaysia besides than graffiti which some are really awful! Let’s show our support to street art in whole Malaysia. Ernest Zacharevic started it, it’s time for some locals to contribute too. And no vandalism, please!


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