What an extremely boring weekend! But at least it’s better than weekdays.

Hmm…weekend is supposed to be a very fun and enjoyable time for many people, especially youngsters when they would take this opportunity once every week to go out, hang around, or even to the extreme; clubbing. Even if there is no special events or outings organized, I can also make the best out of the time with my family. But for this weekend which is coming to an end in few hours time, all I can say is that it is a very boring weekend!

I spent these two days (Saturday and Sunday) at home, with most of my time in my bedroom of course, sitting right in front of my laptop. Once I wake up, my laptop would be turned on until to the time when I’m getting ready for sleep at night. So, my activity; online the whole day. Boring, isn’t it? There isn’t anything interesting going on, and all I do was just playing Cityville, reading some news from online portal, browsing webs, and of course Facebook-ing. That’s my life for this weekend that would concludes in two hours . But still, I would prefer weekend over weekdays. Everybody should know the reason. Well, at least, I don’t need to work on weekend, and thus don’t need to wake up early, facing traffic jams, and dealing with stressful works.

I myself prefer to stay indoor which gives me much comfortable environment in my perspective. My parent is out to Genting Highlands for concert and a night stay, and my eldest sister is as usual, busy to take care of her two kids. At first, I did plan to go to the carnival organized by MY FM at Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium Car Park yesterday in conjunction with its’ 14th anniversary celebration yesterday’s night. The place is nearby my home, but then I think that it must be very congested over there and I would hardly find any parking already at the time I decided to go. And in the end, I refused to go. It must be very hot out there also. And so, I just spent my time on Saturday’s night by watching TV, and at around 11pm, I heard multiple fireworks explosion. That must be from the gigantic-scale 14th anniversary celebration of MY FM, the number one Chinese radio station in Malaysia. It must be very fun and great night for those attending the show, but for me, it’s a boring and plain night.

Now, even Sunday is coming to an end very soon. But nevermind. I believe this week is going to end very fast too, since this coming Friday is a holiday here, due to National Day celebration on the last day of August every year for Malaysia. So, for this coming week, there is only four working days! Yeah…Yeah…then comes a three-days long break after that on which I would attempt to spend with interesting things to do. So, now I am hoping for this month to end quick. August hasn’t been a good or happy month for me after the end of London 2012 Olympic Games when I have no more exciting sports to catch for, the death of my grandma, cancellation of Vietnam trip, and then this boring weekend just made the month worse for me.


One Response to “What an extremely boring weekend! But at least it’s better than weekdays.”

  1. it was so interesting.. :’)

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