Malaysia’s performance in London 2012 is by far the best in the nation’s history

The Summer Olympic Games, the world largest sporting event which had its 30th edition, London 2012 concluded yesterday saw the best performance of my country, Malaysia in the games based on the nation’s history. In total, Malaysia won a silver medal and a bronze medal from the games. Yes, this is not a good achievement if we are going to compare that with numerous medals won mostly by China, United States and the host country, Great Britain. But for a small country in South East Asia with only 30 participating athletes, it is already a great milestone for the nation in sports. Malaysia is ranked in top 60 among over 200 participating countries in the games.

Malaysians do not really excel well in variety of sports, particularly in athletics, football, gymnastics, basketball, ping pong and many others. The ones we focused on are definitely badminton, cycling, diving, squash and bowling. Lee Chong Wei is going to retire soon, and hence there seems to be no other talented junior to take over Chong Wei’s place to make the country proud from this sport which is currently overwhelmed by China’s mighty team. Recently, we saw lesser hope in cycling event from our not-improving cyclists. It is very hard to get a medal from diving since China is also very strong on this particular sport. Squash and bowling are not included in Olympic sports…too bad, if not, we would have a greater chance to win few more medals in the games.

London 2012 games repeated Malaysia’s success back in Atlanta 1996. In Atlanta 1996, Malaysia won also a silver and a bronze, but both medals are from only badminton. For this recent edition of the games, Malaysia had silver from badminton, won by Datuk Lee Chong Wei in men single while the bronze is from diving, won by Pandelela Rinong. Hence, I think that this games is by far the most successful for Malaysia’s performance, since the medals won now are from two different sports, instead of only one. Too bad that Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong finished in fourth placing in men doubles of badminton. They managed to get into semifinal which is so close to getting a medal but lost to the much stronger Korean team in bronze medal match.

So, the three best performances by Malaysia in London 2012 are:

1. Lee Chong Wei (Silver) : Won the first game of the final against Lin Dan from China but eventually losing out the last two games. It was a very close contest and luck in the end was not on his side that forced him to settle on silver again after he had won a silver medal previously in Beijing 2008. Now, he decided to compete also on the next Olympics, Rio 2016 if his physical strength is good by then.

2. Pandelela Rinong (Bronze) : A young talented woman in diving. She became the first Malaysian woman to won an Olympic medal, and this medal is also the first medal for Malaysia in diving sport. Well, from her achievement, Malaysia would start to see bigger potential of winning medal in other sports rather than just depending on badminton, that would eventually put a lot of pressure to the nation’s badminton players.

3. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong (4th place) : Getting a fourth place is quite a good achievement, but without any medal in hand, it is a sad and pity thing for them. They had did their best. Getting even into the semi final is already a success to them. Nevermind, this pair had proven that they are not ‘missing in action’ this time after their glory back in 2006, winning gold medal in Doha 2006 Asian Games. Looking forward to them in next edition of the Olympics.

Congratulation to the winning Malaysian athletes, Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Nirong. Both of you have made the country proud by having the nation’s flag raised up during victory ceremony in front of thousand of audiences. Eventhough there is still no ‘Negaraku’ (national song) heard indicating that the country have not won any Olympic gold medal before, but the opportunity is still there in future games. To the others who have not made it, it’s okay….you have tried your best. Well done anyway. Let’s hope that Malaysia will do much better in future games, by starting to prepare for the next games four years later to accomplish the goal of winning the country’s first ever Olympic gold medal.



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