Day turned sorrow after my blog just celebrated its 1000-post milestone.

I have written the previous post highlighting that my blog has reached its 1000th post milestone and it is a great achievement to me as the author. The memorable 1000th post is written few days earlier and is scheduled to be published on my blog yesterday so that the day falls on the middle of the month would be easily remembered; mid-August 2012. I was supposed to be quite happy and joyous over what I have achieved here until this stage. But happy moment immediately came to a halt beginning yesterday’s night.

My grandma whom was now 87 years old was admitted to the hospital last weekend due to internal bleeding. She appeared to be in quite a stable condition. However, her age further deteriorated her condition due to extreme loss of blood. Things seems to be quite satisfying, but last night everything changed. She was suddenly diagnosed with lung infection and that she couldn’t even breath normally. By the time I last visited her in the hospital, she appeared in a very suffering condition, depending wholly on oxygen-supplying machine to breathe. It is so sad and heartbreaking to see her in that moment when she still appeared very strong just two to three months ago before every bad things came to her after she accidentally fell to the ground twice. She had been that suffering for several hours. That scene bring me to tears.

The nurses and doctors allowed us to stay in the ward to have last opportunity to look at her even it’s already much after the normal visiting hours as it is predicted that her time came. We went back home last night due to extreme tiredness, hoping not to receive any call from my dad later which is a sign of something really not good. This morning is a rainy and moody morning. I woke up and checked my phone and thanked God that there is no one calling. Me and my sisters got ready for work but then our normal routine is interrupted when my dad called right after to announce that my beloved grandma passed away last midnight. It is so sad to hear that. However, if we try to think positively, my grandma didn’t suffer for a long period of time and that she had lived for 87 years, which is considered to be fortunate to have live that long for people nowadays.

She had been a very physically strong elderly woman that had accompanied us for so many years. Last time when I was still a small kid, my whole family would goes to her home every Sunday’s evening where my uncle lives also to have dinner together with my grandma. It is a very harmonious and good tradition. Then, years after, my grandma couldn’t cook for so many of us anymore, but we still had dinner with her every weekend outside. When my grandma started to get very forgetful beginning this year, I allocated my room for her so that someone can keep an eyes on her at my home and so I decided to stay at my sister’s home. Things then don’t go really well for her after she fell to the ground twice accidentally that leads to so many coming diseases like serious back sores that won’t heal, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, ulcer, and finally lung infection that lead to her death. Today happened to be a very sorrow day, but we see it coming in earlier days already. This weekend I am supposed to be following my dad for a Vietnam trip during this upcoming Hari Raya break but it has to be cancelled for emergency reason. Forget about that at this moment. We of course do not have any mood for holiday events already especially my dad.

It’s sad losing such a good and caring grandmother. May she rest in peace and hope that my dad would not get too sad over it. Life is like this, death is inevitable, it is only the time that matters. But for my grandma, it is fortunate to have lived until the age of 80 over, almost reaching 90. May God continue to bless her even in afterlife. Then life goes on for us.


3 Responses to “Day turned sorrow after my blog just celebrated its 1000-post milestone.”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Stay strong Vincent, your Grandma is at a better place right now. And I agree with you that your Grandma is very fortunate to have lived till 87 years of age…I lost my Grandpa to Nasal cancer 3 years ago.. he was 68 when he passed on..& i regret not spending more time with him when he was still around.. but knowing that he’s at a better place right now helps comfort me a little.. at least he doesn’t have to suffer from chemo therapy and other treatment..
    Your Grandmother must be really proud to have such a filial Grandson like you.
    May your Grandma Rest In Peace.

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