An unforgettable moment now as my blog achieved another great milestone; welcoming this 1000th post!

Wow….wow!…Just wow! It’s kind of hard to express my feeling at this moment, when I realized I have written a whopping amount of 1000 posts at my one and only blog here, and all that 1000 posts are from also one and only single author (that’s me). That must be a very great achievement to my blog, and of course I have no other way but to congratulate myself over here for my continuous effort and contribution to reach such a mark and would continue to strive for much more goals in the near future.

I am happy enough and proud over what I have did since from approximately four years ago (back in 2008) when I started this blog to express things that I find interesting or that has influenced me in some particular fields such as architecture, wonders, sports, etc. The blog is growing, with more posts coming in and the posts are now delivered in much more formality and standard compared to the early ones I have written few years ago. My blog went through each year, from 2008 till the present year, 2012 with much more successful feedbacks, statistics and achievements. My blog passed the 100-posts mark, 200-posts mark, 300-posts mark, and so on, until this post, on which the 1000-posts mark is covered.

Yes! This is exactly my 1000th post of this blog. It’s definitely not easy to reach this point, and now I’m really glad that I finally made it on this day, 15th of August 2012, in the middle of the month, just few days after the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games concluded. This month is also the 36th month in my blog’s operation and that marked the fourth anniversary of my blog which is going to come very soon end of next month. I believe there are not many bloggers out there that could reach this milestone, and even if they did, I think many would find it very challenging to reach that breakthrough in less than four years. I’m in that situation now but I managed to achieve that, and so I think you would not get to know my feeling or thought right now. It’s just unbelievable and cool! Haha…It’s like fireworks exploding out from my heart!

There is still room for improvement, and I would continue to expand my blog to higher and better level with more interesting, informative or appealing posts in the future. Your continuous support is essential to the success of my blog. Without the increasing number of hits/ views to my blog, I wouldn’t have that effort to reach until this far, until to the 1000th post breakthrough I have accomplished right now. Ahhh…I finally made it! I finally made it! This 1000th post finally came! I’m truly grateful to welcome this post after waiting for so long. It’s 1000! Not 1o or 100 for a small blog like mine here. Now, I don’t think it’s a ‘small’ blog already.


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