Deep respect to the hero of Malaysia, Lee Chong Wei! Eventhough he lost to Lin Dan, but he had captured the hearts of all Malaysians from his wonderful performance in the very exciting final at London 2012

Every Malaysians now would be feeling very down. I am not an exception. The result of the just-concluded men single final between Lin Dan from China and Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia in badminton of London 2012 Olympic Games is truly heartbreaking to all Malaysians. Chong Wei, the only hope for Malaysia to get first ever Olympic gold medal lost to his long-time arch nemesis, the mighty Lin Dan in three games; 21-15, 10-21, 19-21. It is a very close and narrow contest between the two, known as the top two best men single badminton players in the world currently.

Too bad, my prediction is true and that luck is not on Malaysia side. It appears that my country has no fate with the Olympic gold medal. Every Malaysians purposely had their dinner early so that they could get back home on time to watch the much anticipated final, giving chance to make the country proud from Lee Chong Wei. The chance to win the gold medal heightened as soon as Chong Wei won the first game (21-15). It is quite unbelievable and we are so excited by that time as Chong Wei had shown a very good start. Things don’t go smooth for Chong Wei in the second game. Lin Dan is much more aggresive and widen the gap between their points, hence winning the second game easily (10-21).

Then, left the last rubber game, which is the most essential. Our attention never gets off the TV screen and my heart was pumping so fast that I somehow sense a strong nervosity in my mind. I believe every Malaysians must be feeling the same. It’s the deciding game. It is a very close contest between the two. Lin Dan made some very obvious net mistakes and sometimes had his shuttlecocks aimed out of boundary. That is good for Chong Wei to earn points. However, Chong Wei himself also did several major mistakes and he is found weak on his backhand skill. Well, both played to their very best and it seems that Chong Wei’s performance is now on par to Lin Dan. What’s separate Chong Wei from winning the gold medal just now is only the luck.

Luck is not on Malaysia’s side at the last minute of the game when the score is 19-19. Few rounds earlier, it is Chong Wei that stood nearer to gold medal point, but then Lin Dan strike back hard to make the score even. Then, without wasting any further time, Lin Dan do his attacks and Chong Wei countered it with unlucky mistakes and finally lost in a very saddening way. Chong Wei immediately kneel down in a sign of extreme disappointment which is inevitable as this would be his last Olympic outing and he did not make it for the gold once again. While on the other hand, Lin Dan is too happy and excited, screaming out loud, taking off his shirts and doing a lot of patterns after becoming the first ever Olympic defending champion (won in two straight editions of the games) in badminton. It is a great achievement for him once again, but it’s a serious heartbreaking thing for Chong Wei to face. It is really sad to see him in moment after losing the last game. We all felt so sad, and to be honest, now I’m seriously feeling very down and in no mood situation. Hope Chong Wei would rise up from all those disappointments and pressure, and don’t take this defeat too seriously. You have had captured every Malaysian’s heart from your wonderful performance just now which is shown to be extremely better than his meeting with Lin Dan in Beijing 2008.

It is such a pity that he lost it out in the last few minutes of the deciding game. Luck is seriously not on Chong Wei’s side but we all know he did his very best and his performance just now is extremely good and impressive. He at least gave a very good fight and both delivered a badminton performance in the very best quality ever I have seen in men single category. Chong Wei would be forever champion in all Malaysians’ hearts despite not able to win Olympic gold medal. Nevermind, he still had two silver medals for Malaysia (one from Beijing 2008, and latest one from London 2012). He already made the country very proud. He is forced to settle for silver medal once again. On another news, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong lost to the Korean pair in men double bronze match not long ago (few hours earlier). I didn’t watch that match because I expected Malaysia to lose for that since Korean pair is much more superior. But getting fourth placing that comes with no medal at all appears to be another big disappointment to the Malaysian pair and to the whole country. Well, this is what it is. We have to accept that. No matter what, Malaysia Boleh!

(Images from this post are not mine and are obtained from various sources in Facebook)


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