August 2012, month of Olympics (London 2012) and finally I can see some public holidays coming soon…

July is one of the months I wish to get over it as soon as possible because it is a long month with no public holiday at all, hence not giving me any excuse to take extra break from work. I also do hope July to end very soon so I can finally watch the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games which was over few days ago, and that indicates a goodbye not to the Olympics yet, but to the month of July. Finally, the month is over and now I’m ready to welcome August!

I’m a bit excited on what I’m about to go through this month. After a quick browse through of my calendar, aah, lovely…I started to see some public holidays coming soon beginning August. The first of all would be the Hari Raya Aidilfitri, celebrated by the Malays and on that break two weeks later, I am going for trip to Vietnam with my dad. I’m looking forward to that trip eventhough the destination isn’t that much thrilling. Not long after that, there would be the National Day holiday on the last day of the month, and it’s on Friday! Awesome…3-days of continuous break from Friday to Sunday on that particular weekend.

August is still the time for Olympics, held in London for the 30th edition this year. After just few days of the sporting event, China emerged to the top of the current medal table, while Malaysia (my country) still fails to grab any (not even bronze) in any sports contested. There is still a bit of hope as there is another one to two weeks to go before London 2012 ends. I’m giving my support to the Malaysian athletes and hope that they do their best and win at least a medal (gold would be awesome) in London 2012.

So, generally, August 2012 is the month of best-of-the-best showcase of sports through the 30th Summer Olympic Games; London 2012. We’ll see thousand of athletes from the young to the experienced competing with each others in unity and harmony, showing  great sportsmanship while being watched worldwide,..thanks to the hardworking group of media in charge of broadcasting the games. Hmm…so I would dedicate my blog’s header of this month to Olympics AGAIN…yes, again, since my previous month’s blog header is also about the same thing. This time, it came with different image that I find it to be very spectacular and would be awesome to be placed above my blog.

The image used as the background shows one of the most fantastic moments from the opening ceremony of London 2012 when fireworks exploded over the Olympic Stadium. (That image is not mine and is from The image is reduced in opacity to make way for what’s in front of it. What’s in front is a copy of a wallpaper which had been used before on the London 2012’s official webpage but I tried to make it more interesting (previously, it’s all in dull cyan colour only) by adding red and blue colours (colours in the flag of Great Britain, the host nation of 2012’s games), while the text ‘’ (my blog’s address) and ‘August 2012’ (name of the month) remains in black colour for a kind of formality and separation from all the other things present in the header relating to the theme of Olympics this year; London 2012. What do you think of this month’s blog header? There is another copy of the header below. (Click for larger and clearer view)


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