Countdown to London 2012: A day left!

The action begins tomorrow….when the 30th Summer Olympic Games, London 2012 would commence after the much anticipated opening ceremony on Friday’s night in the newly-built Olympic Stadium, London. After seven years of planning and preparation, the organizers are all geared  up and ready for the beginning of the games, and looking forward to have the world’s attention towards the games particularly from its opening ceremony tomorrow and its closing 17 days later. I believe London’s iconic landmarks, Big Ben, London Bridge Tower, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and the newly-built The Shard (tallest building of the country) would be featured tomorrow as well in the broadcast besides than showing awesome aerial view of the Olympic Park.

I have been waiting for London 2012, even from the time when Beijing 2008 just brought down its curtain with epic display on its opening and closing ceremonies. I’m not expecting for London 2012 to deliver much better since the organizers themselves have announced that they do not try to compete with Beijing 2008, but at least I’m expecting something really awesome from its opening ceremony directed by Danny Boyle with a much lower budget. Perhaps, Danny could deliver an absolutely fantastic ceremony even with lesser money allocated. We’ll see that not in a year, or a month, but tomorrow in the not-so-cool looking stadium, but thanks to the lighting at night, it looks better.

After keeping the details of the opening ceremony secret for so long, everything would be finally revealed tomorrow, when we would be given surprise on what we are about to see tomorrow’s night. However, since the influence of the cyber technology is so overwhelming, it’s very hard now to keep something this big a mystery. Many pictures and details regarding the ceremony have been revealed, and I even had read some. Opps…nevermind, I would pretend I don’t know anything when I’m about to watch the live broadcast of the ceremony over here in Malaysia in Saturday’s very early morning.

Hmm…I’m a bit surprised that the Olympic Stadium in London, the main venue for the games is nominated for 2012 Stirling Prize, Britain’s top architecture award. Well, I believe it gets nomination because of its fame, and not because of its architecture which is already been commented heavily as being seriously lacking in design value, especially when compared with Beijing National Stadium (aka ‘Bird Nest’) used for Beijing 2008 games. For me, there isn’t any much good architectural essence found from the design of this newly-constructed stadium, but there is one point that I like from it, which is the ability to transform into much smaller community stadium after the games for sustainability purpose and to prevent ‘white-elephant’ issue, which is one of the highlight of this 30th Olympiad in London.

Well, well, well….now, I couldn’t wait any longer for the next day to arrives, for the opening ceremony to commence. It’s now only about several hours left before Friday comes; the day when everyone especially people of UK would be so excited as the world is watching upon their city, and to see how the opening ceremony could left all of us speechless. What is going to be performed tomorrow? Who is going to be the final torchbearer that would light the torch in the stadium? How is it going to be like? David Beckham is given what particular role in the ceremony? My expectation is high. Everything will be revealed tomorrow on the opening ceremony that would begins at 9pm (not the usual time of 8pm) at London. (It’s 4am here in Malaysia for your information)


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