Movie review: Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift (2012)

The first ‘Ice Age’ film is released way back a decade ago. Then comes its first sequel entitled ‘The Meltdown’ on 2006, following with second sequel; ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ in 2009. On this year’s July, there came the fourth instalment, latest of the famous animated franchise entitled ‘Continental Drift’. I watched the first teaser trailer of this film long long ago, and after watching the film, the teaser trailer actually shows the actual beginning of the film as well, which marked the way for the whole story of the film, continuing from previous stories set in the first three films.

Well, all the main characters remain, and of course with addition of several new interesting characters, in approach similar with that of the previous films of the franchise. This time around, the saber-toothed squirrel does not only appears to be in parallel with the main story with no purpose. His obsession to nuts lead to the beginning of the whole story started from the continental break that separates the main protagonists; the mammoth, sloth and the tiger from the mammoth’s wife and daughter whom is now grown up but was disappointingly under strict control from her father in the beginning. The continental break that makes the world map of what it is today makes no sense, but I like that. That is awesome…haha

That brings the main protagonists to the middle of the ocean, away from the land, and from there, they began an adventure to reach back to the land after going through the rough sea, unhelpful current, tornado and particularly a group of animal pirates headed by an evil captain which is an ape. That sounds exciting. But after watching the film, I find that the story is not delivered to its best eventhough there is a strong potential on it. Comparing it with the first three films, I find ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ is better in terms of the intensity of the story in reaching out to the audiences. I hardly feel anything exciting from the story of this fourth film. Anyway, it’s still a good story, but is being treated too similarly with the previous films in some aspects. It’s not that bad actually. It’s quite interesting after all.

The characters are lovely and funny. They are there for some sort of adventure in each films. Now, each main protagonists are not alone. The mammoth has his own family now, while his daughter had a group of friends of the same species. The sloth is dumped again by his family but then he had a new family member, his granny with him along the journey whom helps to save the day in the end. The tiger met a new companion, a white female tiger which at first belongs to the group of pirates, but turns over to help them as very much expected. You see…this is something not good. Many parts of the film are very much predictable after seeing similar patterns from the first three films. A bit of twist is good enough to bring a thrill to the story.

It’s still a very entertaining film. Since this is already the fourth instalment to the franchise, we couldn’t expect anymore further or fresh from it. It’s actually a good sequel that provides a bit of fun to the audiences with some laugh-provoking moments. What are the producers going to think of if they are planning to make another sequel on this franchise? Even if they had new idea, at last, the story’s development would be very much similar and predictable. That is what happened to Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. It had a good and potential start, but goes on not very well, not very thrilling until the very predictable end. Out of 10 points, I rate this film a total of 6.8.

(Images from this post are not mine and are obtained from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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