The first year that I skipped the entire Astro Star Quest 2012 competition including its grand final

Whenever Astro Star Quest is held every year from preliminary rounds to the grand final, I would always allocate my time to watch it every weekend. After so many years of continuous support to this competition, I finally skipped the one for this year which had just concluded last Saturday. Hmm….few months ago, when I first saw the 20 finalists succeeded on entering the preliminary rounds, they don’t really capture my attention. Basically, to be honest, mostly girls are better this time, and many of them are not equipped with star-studded appearance.

(Image above is from the official facebook page of this competition)

And yes, this is the first time in the history of the competition that there is not a single male qualified to enter the grand final that only allows five competitors. The five finalists whom made it to the final are all girls, and I don’t really know or remember their names. This year’s grand final is not held in KL or Penang, but rather in Dataran Pahlawan Square in Malacca. A bigger stage is set up this time with concert-like features facing a huge open field, which made it look more like an outdoor performance/ concert rather than a competition.

Before that, many had predicted that Nicole, one of the hot favourites would win the competition. Then, they are all right. Nicole, with her beautiful voice and appearance stands out over the rest on that night, gaining higher points than the other four finalists from the beginning till the end of the grand final, after going through several stages as usual in the pattern of the final every year of this competition. Congratulation to her for winning this year’s Astro Star Quest. Well, others did quite a good job too, and basically, all of them performed quite well, but not the very best as compared to finalists from previous years. Who gets first runner-up, second runner-up, fourth placing and fifth placing? I forgot. I only watched a very minimal portion of the grand final only.

So, the five finalists are going to compete on the Million Star, a very famous Taiwan singing competition soon as usual. The top three would also be able to join the annual TVB International New Talent Singing Championship later.Too bad, this year’s Astro Star Quest has one lesser supporter; me. This is the first year that I skipped the entire competition that usually begins from May and ends in July. I just don’t have the passion or mood to allocate around two hours for it every weekend. I don’t really know the actual reason for that. Well, am I going to watch back Astro Star Quest next year? Depends…


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