London 2012: Two weeks to go

14 days more and we would witness the beginning of the world biggest sporting event, held once in every four years, with this edition to be held in London. It’s exactly now two weeks left before the much anticipated opening ceremony of the games. There had been many speculations lately over expectation on the opening ceremony to be held on 27th July directed by Danny Boyle, a famous artistic director.

With budget of less than even half of the cost used in previous Beijing 2008’s opening ceremony, it is foreseen by many others already that London 2012 would falls behind the extreme glamour and scale from the previous Olympics held in China’s capital. It appears that London has no intention on doing better than Beijing 2008’s opening ceremony which is seen as the world most amazing opening ceremony ever in history. But let’s hope that the organizers would still deliver something spectacular to the world from the opening ceremony with that limiting budget so that people won’t see it as a shame or extreme disappointment compared to ‘the best-of-the-best’ delivered by Beijing 2008.

Well, it’s people’s natural response in comparing the soon-to-happen of London 2012 with the unforgettable past of Beijing 2008. So, Danny Boyle is now facing a serious pressure of planning something great to showcase to the world on 27th of this month. Let us wait and see how the opening ceremony is going to be…Awesome? Or purely failed? Boring? Stunning?

It is reported recently that Pandela Rinong, a diver from Malaysia is chosen to carry the national flag during the march of athletes in the opening ceremony representing the country. She would be the first woman carrying the flag, and that must be a very great honour for her. However, I find that Lee Chong Wei is much more suitable for that prestige. Since this would be his last outing in Olympics and that he is seen as a much potential player to help Malaysia to get its first ever Olympic gold medal, he deserves that honour much more. Many people have also objected to that decision. Too bad, it’s confirmed that Pandela is the flagbearer. I believe there must be some kind of racial issues provoked by Olympic Council of Malaysia that lead to this decision. Pandela has so many chances ahead for her, as she can be the flagbearer for future Olympics. What a bad decision OCM made.

There is also a news recently reported that a millionaire is to present a gold bar worth a whopping RM 2 million to any player who won a gold medal from London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. So, if you win a gold medal from the games and you are representing Malaysia, then you would become an instant millionaire! If there is two or more players won gold, then the gold bar will be shared by them. But I think the chance of winning one is already very minimal, so forget about winning two or more, which is almost impossible looking at our country’s record in the games’ history. We have never won any gold medal. The furthest we have gone to is only winning a silver from Beijing 2008, and another one back many years ago. But anyway, think positively. Let’s hope for the best to the Malaysian athletes representing the country in the games. Two weeks left before the games open.


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