Just back from ARCHIDEX 2012.

You know what is ARCHIDEX? If you have read my previous post, then you would know it already. If you are an architect/ interior designer/ contractor, then you would know of this event. ARCHIDEX stands for architecture and interior design exhibition, which is held annually in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This year, which is the 13th ARCHIDEX, over 100 booths are set up promoting various advanced industrial products useful in construction industry, accompanied with series of other events like DATUM KL (design conference) and forums.

Admission to the conference and forums requires payment, which is quite expensive for me. But then, I think the price is reasonable for the ‘rich’ architects. I went just for the exhibition along with my colleagues after registration which is very quick for me as I go for ‘architect’ section without the need to wait in long queue. Cool…extra privilege for architects! And I absolutely like that. There are several halls we need to get in for the exhibition, and we went to all of them in quite a short period of time, as my colleague needs to rush back home soon after.

There are a lot of people attending this exhibition, as today is Saturday and it is also the last day of the exhibition. Everything seems to be quite busy inside, with people promoting their products or company to the visitors, visitors asking for brochures and information, people exchanging ideas and discussion, visitors taking pictures of cool stuff visible from the booths or products, etc. What we do? We had a quick walk all around and covered many booths by taking only brochures. We had a longer stop at some booths that attracted our attention. There is even a booth that has a small pool inside with a people in there demonstrating and explaining (so it’s obvious on what the booth is promoting; pool system). I didn’t manage to take a picture of that.

Too bad, we can’t stay any longer for the exhibition, as we came by one car, and we had to go. Before we left, we saw some works (presentation panels) displayed that are awarded and shortlisted for competitions. Some are impressive. This year, there are also a display of several small-scale design models which I believe are from student works. Some are good, but some are too simple to the point that those do not deserved to be showcased over there. There must be a lot of experienced or professional architects out there looking at all that. Too bad, I didn’t join the DATUM KL conference. If I did, I would have the chance to meet Daniel Libeskind, a very famous international architect who participates on this year’s DATUM that sets the theme of ‘reflection’.

We left with not only a single bag, but several bags full of variety of brochures and some small gifts like pens. So heavy to carry. Basically, now, I have been to this exhibition twice, first time in few years ago when I was still a university’s student and this time around is my second time, as an ARCHITECT. Cool…Since this exhibition gathers people of the similar industry together and is very much beneficial to people like us who need to know more on new products and suppliers on which we can apply or use those in our design projects, and so I think starting from now, I would be going for ARCHIDEX every year.  (Image below is from http://www.asiabuilders.com.my/asiabuilders/NewsListing.aspx?ind_ctry_code=conMY)


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