Movie review: We Not Naughty (2012)

‘We Not Naughty’ is a 2012 Singaporean film directed by Jack Neo which examines the problems faced by parents with their rebellious children in Singapore’s current society. I get to know about this film when it is played at the huge screen over a food court where I had my dinner few weeks ago. By the time after I watched even a small part of it, I already find it interesting. Now, I have finished the whole film, and all I can say is that it is a great film, accompanied by my review below. This one is different from ‘I Not Stupid’ franchise but I see the direction followed is similar, highlighting on teenagers’ issues nowadays.

As mentioned earlier, the story follows the lifestyle of Singaporean children nowadays and how parents had to deal with them whom are getting more and more rebellious. A movie with such plot would be full of moral values and the messages trying to be conveyed are very meaningful. This film teaches us as the younger generation a lot of things, especially in friendship and family values. Some moments from the film are absolutely touching and emotional, especially in the climax part when a woman is aided by two teenagers (two main characters) in giving birth who then realized how great their mother is in sacrificing for them with respective flashbacks shown.

The film is accompanied with good script and cinematography. I like the way of how most of the scenes from this film are presented, which amplified certain feeling that brought us along into the story’s development and helped to convey extra purposes intended for us to get a much deeper picture of what’s going on throughout the film. However, I find some scenes to be too elaborative, which is excessively long enough, like the hair cutting part. Do not think that everything from this film is serious. It provides entertaining mood to the viewers from some hilarious elements added. So overall, everything is in balanced proportion and the film worked well on delivering a fast-paced storyline.

The casts are great. Everyone performed their characters very well. Extra credit is given to both the mums in the film, who portrayed the caring and sacrificing mother to their children in such a realistic and emotional performance. The film also explores on the power of internet on influencing the kids nowadays, the negative impact of gambling to whole family, the different mindset of current teenagers, the darkness within the loan shark society, creativity of youngsters in making new invention, etc. Isn’t that good? You see all that in a single film of a bit over two hours long only.

Some scenes were shot in Malaysia. I recognized that the institution the two main characters are studying and where they met new lecturer that helped them a lot is at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus. A shot over MRR2, the highway I used everyday for work is also shown in the film. That’s all I can spot. And that’s all I can say regarding this brilliantly-made film. It took the issues of family relationship and friendship to the extreme until to the point that it provokes viewers’ mind to think about it themselves after having them indulged into the touching story. Out of 10 points, I rate this film a total of 8.1. A very good Singaporean film. When Malaysia can produce film of such level?

(Images used on this post are not mine and are obtained from various sources throughout the internet)


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