The annual international architecture, interior design and building exhibition is held currently at the usual place; Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Shortly and famously known as ARCHIDEX, this is the exhibition not only targeted for architects and interior designers, but also to contractors, property developers, facility managers, distributors, marketing consultants, manufacturers, store buyers, government departments and agencies, lecturers and university or college students.

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For this year’s exhibition, it is going to held from 4th July 2012 (started yesterday) till 7th July 2012 (would ends this Saturday). Registration is required and the admission fee is free, open from 10am to 7pm to people of 16 years old and above. ARCHIDEX is the biggest event, congregating for the architecture, interior design and the building industry professions and industry leaders, giving them this opportune platform to keep abreast of the developments in the built environment, mingle and network with captains of the industry, besides sourcing for innovative products, designs and services.

I have been to this exhibition once few years ago when I was still a university student studying in architecture. I find the exhibition is not really that suitable for students because what is shown in the exhibition is basically more to industrial-based products. That would be much more relevant and suitable for people working in the industry, so that they can learn of new or latest advanced products useful in construction and design. Now, I am working as an architect, but my company never tell us anything about it. I think we should all go and check it out, and we might find some interesting products that can be applied or used to our future or current design projects.

Before that, I thought that this architecture exhibition would features interesting or iconic design works through presentation boards, digital projection or models. That is why I went to this exhibition few years ago as recommended from my lecturers and friends. But I was wrong. Like what I said earlier, it is all about products, from wall finishes to variety of latest designs in framing, curtain, tiles, etc. It would be good for architects to explore from this exhibition on what are the latest stuff available now that would made designs to be more interesting or high-end. There are also some conferences or talks going on these four days but I think payment is needed for that.

If I’m going to go for this ARCHIDEX 2012, then Saturday (the last day) would be the only day for me. First two days are gone, and tomorrow I have to work and that wouldn’t give me enough time to attend the exhibition. So, Saturday is the only day that provides me the time. But I’m still unsure to go or not. What’s confirmed this Saturday is that I would be going for movie, and not this exhibition.


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