Spain won UEFA Euro 2012 in a lopsided final

Hah, the live broadcast of the final match of UEFA Euro 2012 started in 2.45am at midnight over here in Malaysia. Luckily, I managed to wake up from a short nap to watch the match. If not, I’m going to miss an exciting match on which you would only see once in four years. It’s a good match eventhough the result is lopsided. I guess many have known the outcome of the final already; it’s Spain winning Italy by 4-0 to defend their title for the championship. I have missed the first twelve minutes of the match. Once I get to the TV, Spain scored its first goal a minute or two later. I guess my arrival to watch the match gave luck to Spain, and then they keep on scoring without the need of extra time or penalty shoot.

This gave Spain third win on three major football tournaments consecutively, from UEFA Euro 2008, to FIFA World Cup 2010, and lastly, this championship. This win had further strengthening the nation’s image as the best performing country in the sport in recent years. Last night’s final must be the one everyone is waiting for. In my previous post, I mentioned that I wish Italy to win since their team had shown great improvement and I want somebody else to put a stop to the reigning champion of Spain. Too bad, Italy couldn’t manage to score even a goal last night. Luck is not on their side probably.

By the way, after I have watched the final match last night, I am obviously admiring the top quality of performance delivered by Spain. The team truly deserves to win. Their strategy is really great, and with their strong defence particularly from the goalkeeper, it is almost impossible for their opponent to score a goal. Furthermore, they keep on moving forward in fast speed to have the ball at least near to the goal, which increases the probability of having few managed to score. At last, they scored not only one or two, but four goals, with two last goals at the very last ten-minute of the game.

It must be a very disappointing and frustrating night for Italy. I can see they did their best, but couldn’t even stand a chance when their opponent is none other than Spain. Nevermind, the team still performed very well, and there are still chances in future championships. What I dislike from them is the attitude of their players, particularly the no.9 player who helped Italy to win over Germany in semi-final. When the final match ended, the other Italian players felt moody and down, but definitely not acting like the no.9 player who pushed away a man trying to console him (shown in the broadcast) and went straight inside, not even care to bother his mates or anything else. This is a bad attitude.

Congratulation to Spain for winning UEFA Euro 2012. So now, Spain became the first team to win two consecutive European Championships, and the first European international team to win three straight major tournament titles (UEFA Euro 2008, 2010 FIFA World Cup). The team must be very joyful and excited over the win and the record of their achievement. The whole country of Spain would be so proud of them. FIFA World Cup 2014 up next for the all-conquering Spain.

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