Can’t believe half of the year is gone…

Another six months to go before 2012 ends? That is fast. It appears to me as if this year has just started not long ago. Huh…unbelievable. Sometimes, we humans, couldn’t even realize how quick time flies, as we passes day by day with usual daily routines. I myself had the feeling that I would have much more time left this year, but it isn’t in the reality. It’s  now the beginning of July already.

I always had the feeling that I went to India only two or three months ago, but in actual, it’s a thing over five months ago. I had the feeling of just came back from Singapore like two or three days ago, but in actual, I came back from Singapore over a week already. Sometimes, we wouldn’t notice the time we have spent, particularly over the time we have wasted. First six months of the year are gone, and now we are track to finish the other half of the year.

How are you going to go through the last half of the year? For many, it would be similar to the first half. But for me, it would be different. For the last half of this year, I would concentrate myself fully on my work and enjoy the most out from every break during weekends. This last half of the year would also marks the end of my probationary period of working in the company that I had my first job, thus giving opportunity for the raise of my salary. Then, it would be awesome.

Let us live the last half of the year to the best of it. If we can do that, then year 2012 wouldn’t be a boring and insignificant year to us anymore. The rumour that the world is going to end by December 2012? Forget about that. The mythology regarding the Mayan calendar is proven not true by the historians and the scientists. We still have many years to go, but that doesn’t mean that we can take this year for granted. Don’t waste every second of time we have. Time is precious. I don’t need to teach you on that. Everyone should knows that.


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