Now I realize I didn’t watch TVB dramas lately for over few months already…

TVB dramas lately receive decreasing number of viewers, and that is not a good sign to the company which is now facing problem of lacking staff and strong competition from the other TV companies. The main reason for drop on interest to TVB dramas is solely on the quality of the company’s production.

There is no more great series to watch after ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ which is seen as a great success, marking a recovery to regain interest of viewers to TVB productions. I like ‘The Hippocratic Crush’, released way back few months ago. A medical-based drama given a fresh whole ensemble of junior casts led by some senior artistes, accompanied with awesome script appears to open a good path for the rest of the year to other TVB series. However, what comes after this series didn’t do well. Nowadays, I don’t even care what series are playing now. Rating dropped, feedbacks being mostly negative, weak in script are the typical comments we know of TVB recently.

Besides than receiving plenty of complaints (especially for the recent drama ‘Master of Play’) this year as well as accumulation of reports on copying (in many previous dramas), TVB is also facing tough time nowadays with lack of good directors, producers and scriptwriters. Many of them left the company to join the others with much better salary and treatment. That is no doubt proving that TVB isn’t a good company after all. Without them, TVB is now producing very weak dramas with no more credible production like seen in previous years like Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance, Rosy Business, etc.

The worst thing is that many artistes have also left TVB, particularly to film Mainland dramas which promises bigger success to the artistes in terms of payment, as well as popularity. Let see one example. Sammul Chan (non-contract TVB artist previously) began his acting career in TVB over a decade ago, similarly to other TVB contract artistes like Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, etc. The others have been recognized, presented with awards and most importantly, given major roles. For Sammul, he didn’t get all that despite his performance is generally favourable. It’s a good decision that he left TVB, and now he is so popular in China, as well as in other parts of Asia, receiving recognition and awards from only a few Mainland dramas he starred in.

So you see, it is TVB that do things which puts those talented people away. Now, TVB even face the problem of lack of artistes. Nowadays, I see the same people again and again in TVB series. Boring…Taking this opportunity to train young casts isn’t a good idea also as they are still inexperienced and incapable yet to deliver in major roles. Wrong plan. It’s time for them to change. If not, the downfall of TVB would be further severe, with possibility of only minority amount of people watching their programmes or dramas in near future. Nowadays, their dramas didn’t capture my attention or interest, as well as many other people who love to watch Hong Kong dramas. Right now, what I have to do is just to wait for some TVB dramas which are expected to be good like the ‘Three Kingdoms RPG’, ‘Ghetto Justice II’, ‘The Confidant’, ‘The Prominent Family’ (just started filming),  ‘Triumph in the Skies II’ (not even start filming yet).


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