Jealous over Singapore…

I’m a Malaysian and it is always usual for Malaysian to feel jealous over our neighbouring country, Singapore. Many decades ago, Singapore is part of Malaysia before it decided to move out to form its own nation, and now Singapore as a developed country is one of the most liveable and beautiful cities in the world. On the other hand, the country I’m living now, Malaysia is still struggling on its aim to become developed country by 2020. We are lacking behind. So, there is no choice but for Malaysians to be jealous of the achievements Singapore had.

I have been to Singapore twice, with the latest one coming back from that awesome country yesterday after a quick study trip. There are several very notable reasons on why Singapore is a much preferable choice to live, mainly based on my own perspective.

1. Singapore’s city skyline is so much awesome with fantastic setting around at the bay where everything is centered in that particular region. KL’s skyline is ranked no.8 worldwide. That is good. But then, Singapore’s skyline even ranked higher in 6th placing. I have to agree to that eventhough I like my city, KL’s skyline too. The setting at the city centre region of Singapore is way too awesome. Located by water is always an added advantage to a city’s skyline. Many beautiful landmarks of the country are situated within that area, particularly the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge, The Float, Esplanades, Singapore Flyers, Garden by the Bay, etc. It would makes you to feel so good being in that particular area.

(Image above from

2. Driving on roads in Singapore is like driving in the jungle; comfort with softness within the hardness of the built environment. Trees and flowers all around. First of all, there is hardly any potholes on any roads in Singapore, including smaller ones in suburb regions. Then, trees, bushes and flowers lined up along every roads beautifully, not only providing shade but also producing a much comfortable driving environment. Even the bus stations and pedestrian bridges in the country looks cool with proper design and treatment. It’s no doubt a ‘Garden City’.

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3. Everywhere is clean and neat, with all comes in system and regulations. I have to say that living in Singapore is restricted by excessive laws and rules. But think on the other side, when everything would be so good and positive to the people in the end. The streets in the country are so clean. You can simply lay down on anywhere you want and get back up still looking neat. Well, the discipline of the Singaporeans plays a role here. The clean environment definitely is a strong point for why Singapore is one of the most liveable cities in the world.

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4. Higher salary with better living quality. Singapore is a developed country. Hence, when you are working there, you get higher salary compared to the figure you can earn in Malaysia. Eventhough the living cost is higher in Singapore, but when you do a bit of calculation, it is preferable to live in Singapore rather than in Malaysia. Now, price of any things in Malaysia goes up while the salary remains. Even now, you can see a lot of Malaysians from Johor are willing to pass by immigration stop every day, facing serious congestion just to work in Singapore to earn for better and much reasonable pay.

5. There must be a lot of other reasons…if I am going to list down one by one, then it’s going to take forever.

I still remembered a case really well. It happened some years ago when I played an online game. Someone asked me where am I from. Then I answered ‘Malaysia’. He had no idea on where this place is. There is a question mark popping out from him. Then, I have to reply again; ‘above Singapore’. Then, only the person knows where I came from. Oh…Singapore is much more famous than Malaysia. This is a fact, and we as Malaysians couldn’t deny it either. Petronas Twin Towers alone is definitely not enough to put Malaysia into international stage. We have to seriously look into the objective of transforming the country into developed status by 2020. First of all, the government has to change.


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  1. Hello there..
    I’m Johorean..Currently living in Kuala Lumpur for studying purpose. I’m originally from Johore.
    Since I was a kid, I brought up living in both countries (Malaysia and Singapore). My mom’s siblings were all staying in Singapore, getting married and have a living there while my mom lives in Malaysia ( I call this as fate because she’s got a husband from here and becoming a Malaysian). So, since I was kid, I played within Malaysia-Singapore.
    As now, I’m living in Kuala Lumpur, it’s undoubtedly to say that Kuala Lumpur is very nice and developed state. Even the skylines, I loved them all. But, slowly I compare these two cities, I realized that we are much left behind from Singapore. I must admit this fact even though I feel hurt inside. Don’t you feel the same like I did? I bet you also feel the same. When we come to this feeling, the first person to be blamed for Malaysia’s development now is GOVERNMENT. Because, gov will lead the citizen and build a good county. But, I think twice. Blaming the gov itself is not a smart idea. As the citizen, we also must go with our responsibility to serve the country.
    Up til now, I’m still feeling jealous of Singapore. I was like “I wish to live there”. To me Singapore is like a mini Australia/The USA. Agree? OMG! I wish to live in a very developed country.
    But, come to the sense, I’m realized I’m still a Malaysian. Admiring someone’s goodwork is good if we take them as a model. At least we still got many huge cities like Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Kuching, Johor Bahru, Penang and any major cities. If we combine those cities, I think we are way much better than Singapore. Haha! Am I right? Maybe!
    My uncles and aunties always unsatisfied with their living in Singapore. They say, their taxes are like a hell, here and there need to pay and pay.
    Maybe we need to see and feel this saying carefully… “The moment when you’re hating of your living, there are people who wanting of your living”
    Nice writing dude! 🙂

    • vincentloy Says:

      very good comment from you…agree of what you said…but it is inevitable for malaysians not to compare with singapore since we are only neighbours…singapore fast developed bcoz had good government, strict control and in small size.

    • Hey I’m singaporean here:) just a 15 year old kid. I hope one day you could be the Malaysia prime minister and everyone in ASEAN can be happy and prosperous and that everyone will live together in peace regardless or race language and religion.

  2. Hi, I have a problem with the line:

    Many decades ago, Singapore is part of Malaysia before it decided to move out to form its own nation, and now Singapore as a developed country is one of the most liveable and beautiful cities in the world.

    That statement above is factually and historically incorrect. Singapore was forced and kicked out of Malaysia which cause widespread devastation and horror. With no natural resources, no water, food and basic things like houses, Singapore was kicked out suddenly and brutally by Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1965. This event triggered a nationwide broadcasting of Mr Lee Kwan Yew apologising to the country for failing them and breaking down in tears, and forced Singapore to try to survive in the harsh conditions and bred a league of people which made Singapore what it is today.

    Even though Mr Rahman had meant to oust Singapore out of the federation as means of punishment, by just looking at the results, kicking Singapore out turned out to be one of the best things to happen to the country since it forced and fueled innovation and independence.

    (Some info on history with credits to wikipedia:
    Both UMNO and the MCA were nervous about the possible appeal of Lee Kuan Yew’s People’s Action Party (PAP, then seen as a radical socialist party) to voters in Malaya, and tried to organise a party in Singapore to challenge Lee’s position there. Lee in turn threatened to run PAP candidates in Malaya at the 1964 federal elections, despite an earlier agreement that he would not do so (see PAP-UMNO relations). This provoked Abdul Rahman to demand that Singapore withdraw from Malaysia.)

    I guess what I’m saying is, Singapore did not get to the level it is at without hardship. If you look at the amount of adversity and hardship it faced, they were extreme. This extreme circumstance resulted in extreme effort from the people who were led by an extremely pressured and ultimately successful government. It wouldn’t have happened without a great vision and goal held together and in check by a great man.

    I liken the result of Singapore to adrenaline. It’s a little like how when people face extreme stress, fear or anger they suddenly display feats of miraculous strength. Present Singapore is governed by a group of younger but not necessarily better politicians compared to those during the hardship era. Cases of corruption and downfalls of people in power are appearing. It’s a decline in quality of spirit and strength of the leaders and its a disappointing thing to see. Alot of younger Singaporeans are world class complainers which is irritating to observe. Perhaps Singapore needs another crisis to fuel and band the people together to create another fresh wave of innovation and breed strength into its people again, so certainly, don’t be jealous yet.

    • vincentloy Says:

      Dear Lin, don’t you think your statement is too harsh and is only historically incorrect to certain extent? How do you exactly know Singapore is being forced out ‘brutally’? There is no evidence to that. And citing source from Wikipedia itself is already not professional.

  3. Sure, if you want to talk semantics, then I guess I can rephrase the line to “Singapore was forced out of the federation.” That, is in fact, a fact.

    Singapore wished fervently to remain in the federation then, but were expelled, and that is irrefutably true even without citation to wikipedia. Perhaps if you wish for a more credible and professional source – This is emphatically covered in the Encyclopedia Britannica which even has an online version for anyone interested to corroborate this fact.

    This is also covered in history books pertaining to the subject when I had done research in the libraries on the subject. I only said brutal because it was made in reference to the life back then – which was brutal and hard and filled with fear and uncertainty. I did re-read what I wrote and surmise you have missed my point which caused this misunderstanding. When you said there is no evidence to that….were you being serious? Singapore is known to be the the only country in the history of the modern world to gain independence against its own will – a fact my American friends somehow knew and questioned me about.

    I did not mean offense if you had taken it as such and I merely wished to bring another perspective to your blog entry and correct what you stated was Singapore’s wish to depart. Perhaps if you can name the source of where you might have gotten that information from, I will be glad to stand corrected.

    • vincentloy Says:

      Well, according to facts from history books in Malaysia, nothing much is written on this particular issue because it’s quite sensitive to look into the detail of it. By the way, from my perspective, in those years, Singapore wanted to be the nation’s capital while Peninsular Malaysia picks Kuala Lumpur. And on other hand, Singapore is dominated by the Chinese, which sparked imbalance in all sort of economic aspects that favoured Malays in Peninsular Malaysia. So, after discussions between Lee Kuan Yew and Tunku Abdul Rahman for benefit of both parties, Singapore then decided to leave which indeed is a right decision. Well, your understanding with mine is different but it’s okay.

      • Hi it’s me again:) I’m just a 15 year old kid so I really mean no harm.. But what I’ve learnt from my school and stuff is that Singapore was part of Malaysia but because the Singapore government back then (Lee Kuan Yew, etc..) had different beliefs from the big Malaysia they seperated. Singapore believed in a secular state and wanted all races to have equal opportunities and no favouritism towards any race. But Malaysia favours Malays if I’m not wrong is it? Not sure oops.. Yeah and cause Singapore had a larger Chinese population sth like that so there was quite abit of political unhappiness

      • vincentloy Says:

        Dear Amy, yes Singapore is separated from Malaysia in the past due to the reasons you mentioned. but i think that’s a good decision since singapore has now developed far ahead with its equal-opportunities policies while here in Malaysia, the government still stick with favouritism to the Malays. and that’s the reason we are behind in terms of growth compared to singapore. haha…i can’t be the malaysia prime minister (dont wish too) since the post can only be for the malays, how sad is that

  4. firstly singapore is so bleady uptight malaysians live life to the fullest and singapores skyline is only 2 places ahead of us and they have such a small area to maintain which makes it easier and malaysia is the 10th most visited country by tourist around the world singapore only 15th

    • Lin Is Correct…According To Singaporean History Books..Singapore Was Kicked Out By Tunku Abdul Rahman In 1965..And Tourism Doesn’t Just Describe A Country..Its The Wellbeing Of The People And Technology..Just To Let You Know, Singapore Is Part Of The Four Asian Tigers highly free and developed economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, And Taiwan..So Lets Not Just Judge Singapore For Being Bleady And Ranking 15th In Tourism..

  5. Profesionalesdetucuman.Com

    Jealous over Singapore

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