3 days 2 nights company’s study trip to Singapore

After only a month of working in this company, I was already given opportunity to go along with the other colleagues for a study trip to Singapore on the past weekend. I’m glad for it, as this study trip would enables me to explore on some distinguished contemporary architecture in the country, while providing us the time to share our opinions together. Unfortunately, not all of my colleagues could make it for the trip due to some issues with their passport.

The study trip began right after the lunch and prayer break on Friday’s afternoon. Of course, we have to still work on that morning, but with all our stuff already prepared for the trip. After some delays, we finally get going to Singapore by the means of two cars, and the journey took over five hours due to the dinner break in between, an issue at the Singapore’s custom immigration stop, and problem with the GPS on navigating to the hotel we are going to stay for the trip. Finally, we reached the hotel, called Aranda Country Club which offers suites with two bedrooms and a huge living and dining area. Our suite’s balcony is facing a small water theme park.

It’s Saturday morning, and without wasting much time, we began our study trip. The first destination is the Reflection at Keppel Bay, a huge residential development being completed recently at the Keppel Bay, Singapore. It is designed by a famous architect, Daniel Libeskind. For me, the design of it is outstanding, with distinctive curving form, reflective facade treatment, cool steel frame topping and fantastic sky gardens. The whole complex of highrises appears as if they are all ‘dancing’ on the sky. Cool…even the column we saw from the outside curves to follow the line of the building.

Next, we proceed to Lucky Plaza to have our lunch. Lucky Plaza is an old shopping mall at the famous Orchard Road, but it has been refurbished to a much refreshing and modern interior with a simple touch. Our aim of getting there is actually to see the ION Plaza across the Lucky Plaza. It is a very distinctive shopping mall with fluid and organic glass facade treatment. It looks cool. Even the interior is awesome with some technological features like a huge screen at the ceiling that displays animated marine life passing by as if shoppers are now under an aquarium, colourful light running off from an advertisement board to the rest of a particular wall, etc. Those features do attract attention.

We had a walk along the famous Orchard Road, filled with people selling ice cream with bread or waffle (I tried one of durian flavour with waffle), groups promoting many different campaigns, and other passer-bys. The street is very happening, much more than our local Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. Next, we planned to go to The Fullerton area, but then GPS lead us nowhere and we just head back to hotel for a quick rest. Before night, we arrived to the iconic Marina Bay Sands, right across the city centre of Singapore. By the way, driving on roads in Singapore is so nice as the roads are filled with trees and flowers as if we are driving in the jungle or garden. It’s like softness within the hardscape, and we all like it very much.

After a huge waste of time finding car park, then finding the location of the food court and finally an empty table for us to have our dinner, we finally get to have free time to experience the spaces there, especially at the event plaza along the promenade outside the Marina Bay Sands overlooking the city skyline. It’s a bit disappointing that we didn’t go up to the Sky Deck for a great view. Anyway, we also had breathtaking view even from the promenade below already. It’s so beautiful from there and the setting is picturesque.

We then had a walk along that area and even went further to the DNA helix bridge. It’s an awesome bridge! We saw the Float (a huge floating arena), the Singapore Flyers (tallest ferris wheel in the world), Esplanades, Garden by the Bay (a project still under construction), and some other iconic structures. Way too awesome! I don’t feel like leaving the place. The experience would be better if I was not ill on that day. I caught cold on the day itself and I have not even recover up until today. Sad…

It’s Sunday. We check-out and left Singapore by afternoon. Then, we had a stop at Nusajaya where the Iskandar Development Region is centered in Johor. We managed to check on some projects we are handling in that area which is now still mostly flat without any much visible development observed. By the way, we pass by the almost-completing Legoland theme park, to be the first in Asia as well as the Hello-Kitty Town, an indoor theme park within a building that looks more like an office building than a fun playground. At the back of the building is where the Marina is. After a quick lunch there nearby, we proceed back to Kuala Lumpur that eventually marked the end of the study trip.



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