Sadly, Lee Chong Wei is no longer world no.1

Unfortunately, according to the latest world ranking in men single category in badminton sport, our famous shuttler, Lee Chong Wei is no longer at the very top rank. His biggest rival in the sport, Lin Dan from China now jumped to the first spot, being taken by Chong Wei from Malaysia for about four years (since 2008). Formerly famous for being known as the world number one men single badminton player, Lee Chong Wei had to accept the fact now that he is no longer attached to that very prestigious title.

The main reason for him to lose the 1st ranking is because of his absence in many international tournaments recently. He is now in recovering stage from the past injury and to be on final training stage in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and so no other things are allowed to interrupt the plan including skipping few badminton tournaments. Lin Dan then had the opportunity to reach the top. Lin Dan must be very happy about it and he could take it as the boost to defend his Olympic title.

Somehow, eventhough this news is a bit disappointing and frustrating to us, the Malaysians and to him as well, but we can see that on positive light. Being ranked second in the world isn’t bad either, and dropping a rank below isn’t any big deal anyway. Furthermore, that drop in rank would somehow reduce a bit of pressure on Chong Wei to his future competition as he is no longer bearing the stress of having to win supposingly due to his position in the rank officially made by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

For me, eventhough Lee Chong Wei had held the world number one title for so many years, I still thought that Lin Dan performance is better and much more impressive than Chong Wei. Both are definitely great players, but Lin Dan definitely outshines the rest including Chong Wei. So, the current ranking actually reflects the ‘true’ position of them in the sport. For Chong Wei, don’t give up, and don’t get pressurized by all these. Just do whatever you can, on the future competitions. Good luck and all the best to you on this upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Now, I believe Chong Wei is in the end of recovery stage from the previous injury he had two months ago. Intensive training must be ahead for him in preparation to his main goal to win Malaysia’s first ever gold medal in Olympics. Hope he is doing very well. Losing the world number one title at this moment is not very important anymore. The focus is now on the London 2012 which is going to be held next month until August. Show Lin Dan and other players a good fight on the court soon.


One Response to “Sadly, Lee Chong Wei is no longer world no.1”

  1. Though Dato Lee is not world number one, but he is a real gentleman in this sport unlike Lin Dan.

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